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What can my fiancée be looking at for a felony DUI/3 priors and also evading peace office and resisting arrest?
My fiancée had pulled over got out of the vehicle when police officers pointed guns at him telling him they were going to shoot when at no moment he did not resist they then took him to the hospital due to his injuries and left him there with a ticket charged him for evading peace officer and resisting arrest. Also impound the car for a fail to yield but month later add two more charges which still doesn't justify them taking the car with 2 different officers giving him tickets and throwing him at the hospital. What is he looking at?
The short answer is "It Depends". There are many different factors here that could affect the potential penalties....
Hit an ambulance .received a dui
I was driving up the road . looked up seen the ambulance with lights on. I clipped the driver side front panel. minor damage. I pulled up the road and waited for police officer. Explained my side . blew in there blow device. and was charged with dui . they impounded my truck and I went to the station filled out paper work. Accident happened around 9pm and I was home by 11pm . please help me what do I do . It happened in kern county , California
There are many factors to consider when deciding how best to handle a DUI. You speak with a local attorney about the...
Do I have a chance to beat my DUI case?
I was pulled over on the 210e freeway around 4am. The officer asked if I was drinking, and I replied no. He insisted that I had been and asked me to step out of the car to make me do the field tests. After passing all of the tests he asked me to take a breath test which I initially declined, but after his explanation that I would get my license suspended for one year I decided to go ahead and take it. I attempted to take the test twice to no avail and then the officer told me turn around and put my hands on my head, and he arrested me
The fact pattern described above suggests you are either 21 or on DUI Probation. There's always a chance of "beating"...
Can I get this DUI dropped or transferred to where I live?
I was on a road trip from Santa Maria, CA to Portland and i was pulled over in Lassen county, CA. He said I was speeding but never told me my speed. He smelled alcohol and I told him I had drank that morning to get over my hangover from drinking so much the night before. And my two passengers had been drinking all day. He gave me a field sobriety test and then asked if I was willing to blow. I said yes and he made me blow a total of four times. (.11 .10 and .09) were the three numbers I saw. I didn't see the first one. After realizing they were all different I asked for a blood test at the hospital. It was probably an hour after my last breathalyzer when we finally got to the hospital. Will they use my blood results or breathalyzer? And if it does stick could I get it transfered closer to me. Susanville is about an 8 hour drive and I wont have a license.
You cannot have the case itself transferred, but if you retain a private attorney who practices in Lassen County, that...
I want to get my misdemeanor dwi
he give me 3yrs in prevotion and its been 2yrs now i want it to desmiss so i can file my citizenship. i have a lawyer but his asking for 1200 so we can dismiss it i wonder if is there a fee to do it like he said .
If you are not happy or satisfied or are suspicious of your attorney and the fees he/she is charging, shop around for a...
How does a dmv hearing work, for a dui?
I had a dmv hearing a few days ago, and I was wondering how long does it take to get a verdict regarding my driving privileges. Do they hand out the verdict the same day, or will they contact my lawyer or myself when they come to a decision. I live in San Diego, CA. Thank you.
Be patient. It won't take long to receive written notice that your license is suspended, meaning you lost the hearing....
Complete DUI class.
2 years ago I received a DUI charge. I completed my house arrest and was paying the fines. I finished 2 months of the DUI class but then had to move to NH. Warrant was issued . I returned this week and my probation was reinstated. I asked if I could compete class out of state . She [judge] said she didn't see why not and to ask the DUI class people to refer me to NH for classes. When I went to enroll they stated it didn't say in the transcript or the mins I think he called it . And it has to be in there . Long story but my question is could a lawyer attend court and ask that be added ? The DUI class people stated I don't have to be present at there office for the referral. I'm going to NH tomorrow
Yes, a lawyer can make this request for you. Generally though, credits won't transfer because requirements that...