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What can I do for an inadvertent dui
Driving home from work, I took a drink of my soda I'd brought from home, only to realize it was the one I used to make a run and coke. I pulled over to the shoulder. A few minutes later a CHP officer stopped to make sure I was alright. DUI. Is there any defense against that?
A "drink" of a rum and coke, no matter how strong won't make you .08 or above, you shouldn't have anything to worry...
What should I do about my DUI?
I was driving from a friends house after having 2-3 drinks, there was a car behind me and once I realized it was a cop I had a feeling I was going to get pulled over because my licence plate tags were over due, I wasn't too worried since I had the day pass, I was right on the corner of my home and as I proceeded to go in my driveway the lights were put on, I finished driving my car into my driveway and was asked why I didn't stop, I got taken to jail and I did a breath test and came out to be .077 I spent the night there and went home with a DUI charge and for some reason a resist arrest, should I contest it?
Get an attorney- especially for Fresno! Day pass? You have only 10 days to deal with DMV from your arrest. Get an attorney!!
I got a ticket for DUI for drugs?
They stop me for the reason the cop said was that I stop at a dime whatever tat means they embraced me to the fullest after the million test the did even breath test and put me under arrest. Took me down to the station and continue to give me more test and again give me breath test and every time it can out 0.00. Then after when they were frustrated they force me to give them a blood sample and didn't let me see the documents of my rights or didn't want to let me go after they draw my blood they give me my ticket on the ticket the time they written it out was 10:01pm I was nearly arriving at the station at that time. So my question is how do u written a ticket for something u haven't even determine yet when I didn't arrive to west valley till 1:13 am. Please if u could help me out I'll be thankful.
I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but DUI drugs is generally a misdemeanor. That means they can release you...
Dui refusal
If the DA offers to strike out a Refusal (because of the discrepancies that led to it) as a plea bargain. If you decide to proceed to trial, can you use that "refusal strike plea bargain offer" against them at the trial. They want to charge for a DUI based on the preliminary breath test result among other tests that will be challenged at the trial.
NO, you cannot. Settlement offers are not evidence of anything, really, and are inadmissible at trial. How would you...
Is drinking when your driving worse then driving drunk
I know there both very stupid to do but in the court of law which has the best outcome and I know every case is different depending on the facts based on your case FACTS :first DUI clean background VIDEO: shows you not impared good performance on field sobriety test BOOKING VIDEO :shows good speech and balance (sober) BAC.104: Cop Did not wait 15, 20 min before test the stop took about 5 or 6 min. Took the 2ed breath test about 10 min it was .103 Whats the best outcome ( thats all the facts ) if this was your case and these were the facts YOU CAME UP WITH I know no one can say for a fact what the outcome will be on a case but if this your the best defense lawyer and knows the law just for fun what do you think you could get for this hard working father of 3 that made a very stupid mistake
Your problem is VC23152(b) which makes it illegal to drive with .08% or higher--with or without impairment. The DA...
Can my dui change get lowered or dismissed first dui no criminal background
Pulled over cop said I was swerving I had one tail can 24oz about a hour before and was drinking one when I got pulled over cop smelled it I said I had drank a tail can about a hour ago the stop took about 5 min. I did 3 test eye,count fingers,lift leg for 30 seconds I know I passed all 3 because I wasn't impaired but he said I blew a .104 he said you been cool so I won't tow you're car there was 2 cops so one drove my car across the street and then they drove me about 5min away pulled in I guess a station one cop went in and got the other test I blew he said .103 the first time he had me blow 2 times that time just once got out 12 hrs later and got my car and went back to work
Possible, yes. But you'll need to hire a lawyer to fight for you. Without a lawyer, it'll be extremely difficult. We...
DUI Refusal question.
My girlfriend just won her writ of mandamus to overturn her DMV refusal. Now as far as the criminal court, the DA is putting a little resistance on her refusal. Just wondering if she can use that civil case success for her coming up dui criminal trial as a leverage to fight that refusal. Thanks
This is a question best answered by her lawyer. The DMV hearing process is not the same as the court process, the...