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Will my dui be treated as a second dui infraction if my first happened when I was 17?
Hey I am currently 26 years old and from california. I got a dui a couple of days ago and beyond the obvious concerns that come with that alone. I am worried if this is going to be treated as a second dui infraction since I did receive another one when I was 17 years old. However I was under the impression that my first dui was wiped from my record and wouldn't be visible since I was a minor at the time.
I do not believe that you have provided enough information for a proper answer, I would want to know more history...
How can I get the ability to rent a vehicle for work while currently in DUI program (CA)
I live in California. Just got a great job that I will be doing alot of traveling. I am in the need to be able to rent a vehicle while on these business trips, both in and out of CA. How can this be done. I have heard of a form that can be filled out and signed by my employer so that they know I am currently dealing with a DUI which is not what I am looking for. In addition my DUI class was implemented by the DMV not the courts. I beat the DMV hearing as well. Any creative thoughts are greatly appreciated?
Assuming the DMV took action against your license, you will have difficulty renting a car. There is no form. It's...
Will I be charged with child endangerment if I was drunk around my child?
I have a 2 month old. My husband and I had drinks with a friend at dinner and afterward, we got into a physical altercation. The baby was nearby and may have witnessed part of it. The police were called and my husband spent the night in jail. I did not want to press charges and the detective said he didn't want to pursue the case. The battery charge was dropped against my husband. CPS came the next day and did an investigatory interview. She seemed to downplay the situation and we agreed to go to marriage counseling and are abstaining from alcohol. I'm concerned because I admitted to having a few too many and I'm worried that CPS will come back and try and charge me with child endangerment.
CPS is likely far more concerned with the physical altercation than the drinking. If it really was mild and is not...
How can I get early probation and expunged my DUI?
I got a Dui in 2014. It has been 3years and I have 2years left to be completed probation. Am I eligible to get an early term probation and expungement?
Your case is viable for early probation provided you did everything you were supposed to as well as remained law...
Can I stay in the Navy even though I got 2 alcohol related incidents?
Last year I was in a domestic violence altercation which landed me in jail. My command documented it as a alcohol related incident. But I never received NJP. This month I received a DUI and awaiting njp. Does 2 "ARIs" mean automatic administrative separation? I've only been in for almost two years.
That's entirely up to the Navy, but unless you're really good, you're probably toast, Sailor. You know that.
What if you were arrested for a dui but you were not driving, [parked or not in your car} Can you still be arrested for a dui?
same as above
I have a question: Were you arrested for DUI?
I got a dui when coming back into united states from does it work?
I was coming back into California after a night of partying with friends. I was tired and fell asleep in my car before I even got to the border patrol agent (fell asleep in the line) they came out , pulled me out of my car and checked me out..told me I was fine and to proceed to border. I get to border and the patrol agen checks my passport and then tells me to step inside. They called a highway patrol officer that never saw me in the car or saw me driving on american soil under the influence. I stepped out of my vehicle right at the booth. they took the car from there. I was tested by the highway patrol officer and he arrested me for DUI. I have O paperwork from them not even the pink sheet. Nothing. Im confused as to what to do or my rights are. I was under the influence, I accept that but not drunk and I never drove on american soil. I cant believe they told me to proceed to line after checking me out. but it is what it is. So can I get dui when I never drove under the influence on american soil? what do I do? I might need to hire a lawyer but want to know my rights and if any chance at anything positive out of this. I already set my DMV hearing for next month. Buys me a month
It's good that you scheduled a DMV hearing. The next step is to talk directly with an attorney, this will not going to...