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How long does a suspension from illegal possession of alcohol (under 21) last on your record in CA?
I was under 21 and intoxicated and in possesssion of alcohol in the state of New Hamsphire. I paid a fine but had my license suspended without any written knowledge. This was in 2010. I did not find out until I renewed my license in 2014 that this had actually happened and it now appears on my record as a suspension from 2010-2014 when I had it reinstated. How long will this last on my record? Do I need to get it expunged/annulled?
If you are talking about your DMV record, or H6, there is no such thing as an expungement for a DMV record....
I am on probation for a felony DUI and want to use medicinal marijuana
On the terms of my probation I can use a controlled substance with a prescription - can I use med marijuana? I'm in California
You'll need to ask your probation officer and/or your attorney about this. Most likely, no.
Can I get my Real Estate License in California if I have a DUI from a couple years back?
Hi, I'm attempting to get my Real Estate License in California and have done a lot of research however there is one concern that has been stumping me from moving forward. I was convicted of a DUI when I was 19. It was pretty bad, fleeing from law enforcement, Super extreme which was dropped to just an extreme DUI which in Arizona(which is where I got it) counts as two misdemeanors. It also says vapors/drugs(I was not on drugs though, but had been smoking some hookah). I think my BAC was .21 if I remember correctly. I got this when I was 19, now 22. I received and completed without any problems 1 year of probation, paid everything early and on time, and 1 year of the breathalyzer never failed. Never had anymore trouble besides a speeding ticket. This is something I really want to do, and honestly have thought about just doing and finishing the course and praying they'll approve me. Of course being me, I'd love some of your thoughts, advise. Maybe I shouldnt do it and save myself hundreds of dollars. Any help is appreciated.
Typically the Bureau of Real Estate doesn't care as much as some other agencies about single DUI convictions. Chances...
Is an arrest for DUI fall under a crime of moral turpitude for citizenship?
Thanks for reading. I was arrested for a DUI 3 years ago. I spent one night in jail. The charges were dropped. I think its because I did very good on my field tests and because I blew under a .08. No accidents, no injuries. Well now I want to file either the 190 or N400. I should be eligible for both by the end of this year. I know I need to have documents that show I was not charged which I will find. But what about the arrest itself? I have nothing else on my record. I have not left the US in 5 or so years and that was for 2 weeks only.
DUI is NOT a CIMT. However, you need to admit that you were arrested and have certified copies of final dispositions...
Why does the California DMV think they have the authority to require a DUI class?
Within the California Vehicle Code, in every instance where there is mention of the DUI offender programs, it clearly states that it shall be "referred by the court," or "ordered by the court." If the DMV had the authority to mandate it, the code would read "referred by the department" or "ordered by the department." Also, it clearly states that the 3 month first offender program is a condition of probation. There is a court form PRU-100 that gives the minimum and maximum punishments for DUI's. This form clearly states that a DUI class is not required of a first offender who is convicted but not given probation.. You can view this form at and if you scroll to the second page, it lists the punishments for the various DUI's. A similar form can be found at Given this, why is it that the DMV keeps requiring the completion of a DUI class before reinstating a license?
Are you trying to obtain a restricted license? If you are not convicted of DUI in court, but suffered an...
How many times can a police officer ask you to blow in the roadside Breathalyzer?
I was in a situation where the Breathalyzer wasn't registering and they even did the manual button on it but still didn't read. I blew 12 times before they arrested me for "not complying". I hadn't been drinking at all.
Sounds like a very defensible case. Did you complete a chemical test after being arrested? Did the officer seize you...
Can poor judgement of officer, causing an accident affect probable cause in DUI determination or anything else, for that matter?
Traveling on dark,rainy, back road, came upon a (now none as) unmarked car police car,no emergency lights, no parking lights, when I came up to car, I slowed my speed and began giving it room by passing wide left, when a bright strobe shined in my eye. Reactively and immediately pulling the wheel away from the bright light and into the car. Apparently, wrapping up from previous accident, are they required to have lights on, especially in rainy conditions? Never admitted to drinking anything, and shaken up. And hitting head on wheel (no visable injuries), i asked for an attorney after he made 1st correction on first and only fst, and I told him i had a previous knee injury. Is there any safety protocal issues from the begining that would affect my case and their motivation to write an accurate/honest report.....seems like he was grasping, even reported that I "slurred" the word no?
this will be a very fact specific case. generally the police need to have lights on when blocking road. shining a light...