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On court probation search and seizure . Just received DUI , what will be the outcome
I have been on court probation for about a year now never had any problems or contact with probation officer , don't think I was even assigned a probation officer. Just got a DUI last night and was taken to a drunk tank for the night , what are the chances of me not doing jail time and possibly getting swp or community service . My original offense was assault not related to drugs or alcohol . I currently am working and going to school so I need to stay out
Probation on a first DUI will get you 48 hours in jail, as well as 3 years probation, license suspension fines and...
Would driving to BART to go to work and then walking to the gym after work driving home be a violation of a restricited license
DUI & Restricted License
It depends upon the specific restrictions in or on your license. In many jurisdictions, judges may impose very...
I got a DUI almost 10 years ago in California
i got a DUI almost 10 years ago did my community service and paid my fine. I did not complete my alcohol class. Do I still need to complete the class after 10 years?
Yes you do... or no driver's license. (If you still live in Ca)
If I have 2 DUI convictions from 08 and 09. will I have to get a sr22 to get my license reinstated?
It says you have to have it for 3 years. Is that 3 years from the time of the arrest or conviction? Or 3 years from the time your license is reinstated?
I'm not sure what document is "saying" this, but, YES, you will need to maintain an SR-22 for three (3) years. Just...
Penalties in CA for NJ DUI with CA DL?
I am in the process of discovery in my NJ case. If I am convicted, with a BAC of 0.14, I will face a 7 month license suspension in NJ. What should I expect to happen in terms of my CA license/ driving privileged, fees, penalties, etc. back home in CA? Of note, I work in NJ, but maintain CA residency, no injury or property damage in my case, and I currently have a NJ DUI lawyer on my NJ case.
Good chance your CA license will be suspended if the DMV learns of your conviction. In that case, you'll need to file...
How do i enroll in court order drinking drug class? i compleated program in new york but california wont accept it. and i cant
lic back untill i do the class here.
A little more info is required. Did you have a CA or NY license? You got the violation here, but took the class in NY?...
What is the most common sentence for a 1st time DUI offense in San Mateo county?
I was recently charged with a DUI. It started with an accident that was caused by the other driver, but the police report is putting the blame on me. No injuries have been reported to thr insurance company. I blew a 0.11 with the official breathalyzer test. I several people are making the assumption that I will most likely get charged with a DUI and no chance of a wet and reckless because of the accident.
This is the kind of ticket you need to talk to a local attorney about because each venue has their own system of doing...