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I have a 18 yr old mid adult who was arrested for a vc23152(A) & (B). She was cite released and court came and it said EFILE DA
EFILE DA INTERFACE ENTRY? What will the outcome be? and what will happened to her license and the fees? someone please help a frustrated Mother..
Does the paperwork she received give her a court date and time? It appears the 18 year old was charged with a DUI. It...
Car accident, DUI charge, no booking, FST passed with flying colors.
Drove 4 Miles before losing control on a turn (speeding) and crashing into a tall side walk. police then arrived and performed FST, passed it with flying colors. was not impaired at all, read him my DL number, address, SSN everything without a slur.. although i did blow high. .174 had only 5 beers with 6% ALC each. BAC level rises, can i prove that at the time of me driving...i was not at this level? if my driving conditions were never observed. I've heard drinking and driving is not illegal, it is illegal to be impaired while driving. This cannot be proven without facts correct, or does BAC automatically make me "impaired".
Your BAC is twice the legal limit. That IS considered impairment and there's no possible way you passed the FSTs "with...
DUI charges, never seen behind the wheel. No booking. Can i fight this? Rancho Cucamonga Court, happened in Fontana.
I was in a single car accident, no injuries or property damages. When police arrived I was outside the vehicle on passenger side (keys stuck in ignition). No booking at all. BAC .174 I am 5'9 245lbs, officer told my friend that picked me up "he is lucky it isn't a bad DUI". Bad DUIi? i missed the 10 day DMV heaving due to my eye being hurt and treated.
I am missing many key informations. Did the police perform a field sobriety test? Did they give you a citation to...
How do I find out my BAC from a DUI I was arrested for?
I'm not sure of my BAC for a DUI? How can I obtain that information?
Tha might be difficult without an attorney. Be sure to set a DMV Hearing within 10 days of your arrest.
No dmv hearing date or court date
I got my DUI the beginning of the month blew a .09 and took a blood test. I was told if the DA decides to press charges I would get a notice in the mail I even been checking my case on the court website/calling but no updates. The dmv sent me an extension of my temporary license good till November 1st. Which actually helps me with more time to save for a lawyer due to low income. Does this mean they are taking more time to get evidence against me. Or can it just mean there are no hearing dates available yet. 1st DUI/1st time in trouble age 23.(no court arraignment I was held for 3 days without seeing judge so I got self released)
Did you schedule a hearing with the DMV? I suspect "they" are just waiting for the blood results. Retain an attorney....
Husband lied about being a driver during a DUI and a person died he was not the driver how does get the charge dropped?
My husband and myself are separated he and his DUI girlfriend went out drinking and after leaving the club together he started driving pulled over to a store then she decided to drive he got into passenger seat and she lost control of her car jumped a curb hit a person car flipped over when the police got there my husband decided to lie and say he was the driver and the Detective asked him several time during the interview if he was the driver and he said yes to protect her and took a blood test thinking he would pass the test and he didn't after all the person died from the injuries and he got charged for the DUI and DEATH of the person now the Detective know he wasn't the driver so how does he get out of being charged the accident was 09/08/14
Wow. Your brother is in a really tough spot! It certainly won't be easy to "get the charge dropped." Your brother...
Im in california got my first dui unaware of the 10 day dmv hearing rule i missed it by 4 days is there a way of getting hearing
did not drive my car
Unfortunately, you blew your chance for a DMV Hearing. Retain an attorney to help you in court.