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DUI speeding and chemical test refusal.
Currently hired an attorney for Dmv hearing but pretty much told me there's no defense. Really? Obviously looking at different directions for hearing but here are the details. Pulled over for speeds I won't mention but was excessive. I blew into road side breathalyzer blew a .108 but refused chemical test, soon arrested. There were multiple things that were exaggerated on police report as well. I have questions as far as how hard would it be to reduce these charges? Another is when is tape and audio released? Is this upon when I hire a lawyer for the actual case? There is also other things that could make a case but as always every case is unique. Really could use some guidance thanks.
You've hired a lawyer. Why don't you speak to that lawyer? If you don't trust the attorney you hired, give Attorney...
4th DUI in California looking for an attorney for specializes in 4th DUIs.
I was just arrested for my fourth DUI and I'm really scared. Is there a way to avoid jail? Is my license going to suspend? Can an 4th DUI attorney really help?
You will never find an attorney who only handles 4th time DUI offenses. However, you will find several who handle DUIs,...
My attorney negotiated a dry-reckless with the ADA, do I have to go to court to sign a plea deal?
My attorney negotiated a dry-reckless with the ADA, do I have to go to court to sign a plea deal or can this be signed, notarized & filed without appearing? I live far away from the county in which I was arrested, & I will not be able to appear if ordered to.
Your lawyer has done an excellent job of negotiating on your behalf. You should be asking your lawyer how to proceed,...
Can't make monthly payment for DUI on time.
I was convicted of DUI and given a fee with monthly payments. I have been making payments in a timely manner but this month it seems as though I won't be able to for about 15 days past the date. What, if any, are my options? Thanks for any help. :)
Get to the courthouse and ask about an extension. You don't want to accumulate late fees.
Lost dmv hearing
I lost my dmv hearing due to a first time DUI. They suspended my license for 4 months starting next week. The court has still not contacted me after a month. Is it possible I can get a restricted license and how fast or do I have to wait a certain amount of time. I've tryed to read up on it but every website says something different thanks for any advice and steps to take
Stop reading websites. You'll drive yourself crazy. You are eligible for a restricted license after 30 days of...
I have a 18 yr old mid adult who was arrested for a vc23152(A) & (B). She was cite released and court came and it said EFILE DA
EFILE DA INTERFACE ENTRY? What will the outcome be? and what will happened to her license and the fees? someone please help a frustrated Mother..
Does the paperwork she received give her a court date and time? It appears the 18 year old was charged with a DUI. It...
Car accident, DUI charge, no booking, FST passed with flying colors.
Drove 4 Miles before losing control on a turn (speeding) and crashing into a tall side walk. police then arrived and performed FST, passed it with flying colors. was not impaired at all, read him my DL number, address, SSN everything without a slur.. although i did blow high. .174 had only 5 beers with 6% ALC each. BAC level rises, can i prove that at the time of me driving...i was not at this level? if my driving conditions were never observed. I've heard drinking and driving is not illegal, it is illegal to be impaired while driving. This cannot be proven without facts correct, or does BAC automatically make me "impaired".
Your BAC is twice the legal limit. That IS considered impairment and there's no possible way you passed the FSTs "with...