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How much time will he actually do in San Bernardino county? How does jail time work in the San Bernardino county?
My boyfriend was sentenced to 90 days in county jail due to a misdemeanor - HS11357(c) . Will he do the full 90 days or can he possibly be released early ? and is jail time counted as 3 days for 1 day or 2 days for 1 day or is 1 day just counted as 1 day ?
He should be eligible for 50% credits, perhaps a little more. Should not serve more than 45 days unless something else...
If a doctor has no license or expire, and is involed in a wrongefull death case whats the% on a conviction, on eayher cases?
talk more to the right attroney.
More facts are needed to fully respond to your question.
When you get DUI when does it show on your record
How long after your last court date
Of course it does. I'll change this to criminal defense.
Will I go to jail for dui bodily injury
I was not under the influence of alcohol to my knowledge . I drank at 5pm at my house and took a nap around 530pm. Woke up and ate around 9pm. I waited for friends and they arrived at 10:15ish. I drive us to downtown riverside and had only 1 drink. 5 people can vouche for me as well as any bartender where I was. We ended up arriving in downtown around 10:40ish and ended up leaving around 1:30pm 2am to my house with a full car and a friend following me with a full car as well. Stopped for food, after getting g food rushed home because I had people over my house waiting. I made a turn to quick 2 blocks from my house and ended up flipping my car and it rolled. I was knocked out and carried to my friends car who was following behind and driven to my house with a bad head injury. Woke up inside my house and was being cleaned of blood. Everyone involved was taken to the hospital by someone. The police came and I explained I was driving and that I wasn't under the influence of anything but took me in for dui felony bodily injury and went to jail and am now out on bail because I have a full time job
Nobody here can tell you if you'll end up being convicted let alone do any jail. The best thing to do is to contact...
Will you have to go to trial to prove your case
If you have a lawyer and dont go to trial a basic first time DUI what the most common plea deal they give you
Assuming you were not involved in an accident with property damage or bodily injury, up here in Sacramento it doesn't...
Can I'm attorney give me a copy of my discovery ,MVAR tapes,radio dispatch tapes,recording of the dmv hearing
If i repasint myself can't I get this so if I pay a lawyer he could give me a copy. Thanks
For DMV, you'd have to issue your own sub requests. For court, it would be an informal discovery request. If you can't...
Will this stay on my record my dui got dismissed
I got a dui in 2015 I got 3 years of probation, now I got caught with poessesion of a controlled substance in 2016, what kind of trouble I'm I looking at? Will this stay on my record, I'm about to finish college and about to get my dream job, I can't have this on my record or I need to get it dismissed so I can get a job
There is no such thing as a true expungement in California. When people use the term, they are usually referring to a...