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How long will be served with overcrowding on a felony dui?
Son was taken in on a felony dui warrant to west vly det ctr in San Bernardino, no prior arrests.
Sorry but it is no way to answer that question with knowing more about your sentence. Since you are charged with a...
No record of blood drawn for dui
Arrested by hwy patrol, taken to substation for sheriff's dept. Blood drawn, taken to jail and bailed out. No record of me at arraignment nor DA s office. No blood sample record in the system at sheriffs crime lab 15 days after the arrest. is this common?
Depends on the time frame. How long did this occur? Right now, San Bernardino criminal record system is totally broken....
I have 2 DUI's that I got in 2007 and 2008. Can I still get a Real Estate License?
I Received 2 DUI's one in 2007 and early 2008. It will be almost a decade since can I still receive a Real Estate License?
Yes you can get a license. The issues are rehabilitation and admission. Tell the complete truth on your application and...
Why Is My DUI Case Still Stating "Pending Adjudication"
I was arrested for DUI, charges were dropped to a dry reckless, I paid all the fines, did all the required classes, I am on probation until 12/2018, the deadline for classes has passed and my case still reads "Pending Adjudication", when will the case be resolved/closed? After probation ends? Is there any other reason it would be in Pending Adjudication status (for example, other charges or warrants issued?)
Where did you see this? Online court records are notoriously inaccurate. Feel free to visit the clerk's office at the...
Should I motion to suppress blood evidence be drawn up since I was given opiates prior to blood draw that showed non detected?
I was charged with a felony DUI after a MVA. The lab tested for amphetamine, benzodiazepines, cannabiniods, cocaine, opiates, and pcp. The results were amphetamines detected benzodiazepines detected. I was taken to the hospital and given opiates for pain for 4 hours prior to the police draw.
That's not a suppression issue. It may be a 402 issue, but not a traditional suppression motion. (based on facts given)...
How come I was never booked while given a dui and took my license away. What are the chances of my case getting dismissed or low
I got pulled over on the freeway on new years and was told to take a finger test after the whole license and registration n after the finger test I was told to step out the car for field test where I had to walk toe to toe straight line and turn n walk back then I was asked to stand on one foot and count until he said stop. While he told me to wait he wrote some stuff down on his paper and come back to me took a breathalyzer test and told me I'm being under arrest for dui. Overall he handcuffed me took me to his car put me in the back seat and wrote my citation after that he asked me where I was headed to i said the exit that was coming up so he took my car by himself parked my car at a gas station and came back with another officer and asked me if there's someone that can come pick me up and take my car home so I called my friend up he singed some paper and the cop let us go after I signed the paper. I'm really confused to why he didn't book me or check the box saying booking required. I wasn't taken to the police department n was release in sight and while handcuffed in car I was asked if I wanted to take the blood test but was never given the option to breathalyzer or blood test
Did you take a second breath test? The first one (2 blows) was a preliminary alcohol screening test and would not count...
4th DUI in California looking for an attorney for specializes in 4th DUIs.
I was just arrested for my fourth DUI and I'm really scared. Is there a way to avoid jail? Is my license going to suspend? Can an 4th DUI attorney really help?
You will never find an attorney who only handles 4th time DUI offenses. However, you will find several who handle DUIs,...