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DUI back in 2008 and another in 2013. First one is complete finishing up the probation on the 2nd one in April 2015.
A deferred entery of judgment is a dismissal and an expungment is a dismissal, so what are you trying g to do/and why...
Can we file a motion to have the case dismissed if the arrest was 8/2013? The case was set for arraignment Jan 2014, and the next court day has just been scheduled for 4/2015.
You first have to file a Motion for Speedy Trial before they have to set it for trial. Then it still may not be as...
A man I know quit his job and left town 6 days before his court date in San Antonio, TX for his fourth offense DWI. He left his vehicle and got on a plane and flew to Louisiana to stay for good. He has 3 bench warrants out for his arrest in Louisiana, one being that he skipped his court date for his 3rd offense DWI. What will happen if he gets caught? Can he possibly be arrested and be forced to go back to San Antonio for his court hearing?
Yes. It is very possible -- one might even say probable -- that a person with multiple arrest warrants in one state...
Can I get charged with a DWI if I blew under 0.08? I'm over 21 and had no drug use.
Yes. The BAC is one of the pieces of evidence used to prove the State's case.
I travel a lot and need to get into Canada about 4-6 times a year. I want to know if I will be denied entry. Also, I thought I read some where that I can apply for a temporary residence or something like that so I can at least visit or come into the country.
I am not licensed to practice immigration law in Canada. That is the lawyer you need to pose your question to. By...
6 years a go my husband arrested for DWI but he was able to change his case to Obstruction of Highway Charge. recently he got arrested for DWI again. My question is does this time count as the second DWI or the first one? because I am guessing it must be in his record that he was arrested for DWI 6 years ago and he was able to change it to Obstruction of Highway Charges. 2- Does he get more punishment and does his DWI case would be harder this time because of his Obstruction of Highway Charges ? FYI He refuse to do the breath test and they did take a blood test. Is there more punishment involved because he refused to do the sample test ?
It is his second arrest for DWI. What you need to do is get to a local DWI attorney.
What are the chances of me being able to stay out of jail?
Not good, unless you can win an acquittal on this one.