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IL: Sec. 11-501. Driving while under the influence of alcohol, other drug or drugs, intoxicating compound or compounds or any combination thereof. TX : Sec. 49.04. DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED. (a) A person commits an offense if the person is intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle in a public place.
Intoxication in Texas can be from many other substances other than alcohol. The Texas penal code defines "intoxication"...
I am going for 3 months and so far the only response I've gotten was "It's like Kindergarten. You get colored shirts which state your risk level, can't touch anyone or get out of line. There's nap time and rec time and meetings.". I am nowhere near satisfied with that answer. My preferred response has to do with what kind of people I will be dealing with, and if there is a risk (like in jail) of me having to stand my ground which will earn me more time. I do not want to be there longer than I have to, and I think it's complete trash that I have to go in the first place considering I no longer drink and I still attend my AA meetings. This is screwing me out of a job, which will in turn screw my girlfriend on finances. Also, does my time in count toward probation time? Thank you.
I have never heard of SAFPF being a 3-month program. I believe it is usually 6 months with up to a 3-month halfway...
I have two DWI convictions without breath or blood tests. I was taking prescribed Xanax both times.
In Texas, DWI covers alcohol or any other substance, legal or illegal, which impairs you. So your convictions are...
Hello, I was charged and arrested in December for a DWI. Thankfully, I have been accepted into the pre-trial diversion program. However, what will my background look like afterwards? Will it say "dismissed?" I read an article that said some DA's manipulate people because it doesn't say "dismissed" on the record. Is that true? Also, I can get it expunged after 2 years, correct?
It depends who is running the background check. It should not show up as a conviction on your record. It will show up...
I got my 3rd DWI as I was parked along a curb and a security guard called the police.
Obstructing a highway is a transportation code violation that is a class B misdemeanor. Bexar County has a program...
He got DWI in January 2013 and a second one in August. He had one more month on probation and it will probably be revoked because he didn't call in when breathalyzer reported red - it was green 10 minutes later.what is average time for jail? Should he go to jail or pay the fine?
You can't just pay a fine. He needs to hire an experienced attorney.
My dad has been in county jail for a little over a month. He was out on parole for his 2nd DWI for a good year an a half an didn't have much long to finish off his parole but he ended up getting busted with his 3rd DWI, in jail his P.O. visited him and he signed a waiver for his rights to a hearing. He has a blue warrant, an i want to know if there is any way the blue warrant can be lifted? So that maybe he is able to get out an fight his case>
Unfortunately the only one who can lift the blue warrant is his parole officer. If he is out on parole he already has...