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Underage Drinking- court in the morning
Ok, A couple weeks ago I got stopped at college for underage drinking off campus, I was breathalyze, but I was very cooperative with the police. I have my court hearing tomorrow & want to know how to go about this. My first problem is I don't have any dress clothes here at school, but I do have nice dark wash jeans & some wrinkle free dark shirts. I also did not get any kind of representation. I need advice on how to keep my license, I do not mind a fine I just need my license to work this summer, I have no way around not working. Reguardless if I get a fine or not. Also how do I approach people tomorrow? If I see the cop before hand do I just ask him about lowering it to disorderly conduct or getting rid of it all together in exchange for community service? Same on approaching judge.
Is this for underage drinking or Driving While Under the Influence when under age? Either way, you are seeking answers...
Looking for a DUI attorney?
I'm from Martin's ferry, OH and was working in Indiana, Pa. Thrusday night I was out with guys from work and got pulled over because the officers said I came close to the curb when making a turn. He asked if I had been drinking. I told the officer I did have couple beers with dinner & now heading back to my hotel. The officer gave me a breathalyzer the put me in cuffs. One of the officers pulled my car off to the side so it did not get towed leaving one of my co-workers in my vehicle. The officers then took me to the stations took blood and my information, and then told me I will be getting a letter in the mail with charges. They never told me what I blew or anything. I would like to take with a DUI lawyer so I can be prepared for the worst.
Contact a local dui lawyer for a free case evaluation. You don't seem to really ask a question here.
What is the law in pennsylvania pertaining to a "drug dui"? My BAC was .02 but they sent the blood work to the lab. There may
have been something in my system but aren't there "nanograms" or "levels" tested to see if whatever may or may not be in my system was from the time I had been driving? Toxicology Report has been out six months now and just wondering how this works. Preparing for my defense just in case as this would be my 3rd in ten years and shooting for "house arrest" for the entire sentence. I did complete 14 days inpatient treatment as well as a follow up 90 day program at a recovery house and currently live in a recovery house so I'm assuming the courts will consider those factors... From what I understand, if they put everyone in jail for a dui, jails would be overcrowded... Thanks.
Hopefully, you have a criminal defense attorney. With respect to drug DUI’s, it can be an automatic DUI for driving...
Are police allowed to remove blood work from a hospital lab and submit to another? If so how long can they take to test it?
My blood work was taken at the hospital, the officer then took it into evidence where it sat for 17 days before being sent to the police lab for testing which took another 6 days before the lab report was processed
Lab work can take months, but if there are some errors in the way your blood samples were handled, then you could get...
Is a cop allowed to take my blood work from the hospital
And should he be allowed with my blood not sealed
Law enforcement can certainly take your DUI blood work. Any problems with evidence chain-of-custody or in the lab...
What is the difference between a underage citation and an actual underage?
I was issued an 23.50 dollar non traffic citation for consumption of alcoholic beverage. I was wondering if this is any different from being issued an actual underage or all I have to do is plead guilty and pay the fine. Thanks for your help.
Its the same thing. Keep in mind if you plead guilty you will also suffer a suspension of your Driver's License. You...
I got a dui in pa and have failed to complete my ard program will i have a court date 1 or do i go straight to jail
my period is up novemebr 7 and ive already had an extension it has been hard
First of all I would make sure to contact your attorney ASAP in the County where this occurred. Every County handles...