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There will probably be a negative impact.
On the police report, during the field sobriety tests, the officer referred to me with a different name, completely different,
Hit the curb a an off ramp, rolled over twice, car landed on its wheels, still running, did not hit any other vehicle, no injuries, moved car to a parking lot & started walking to my house, was stopped half way there & then everything else, advise plesde
Get appropriate medical treatment, retain a criminal attorney, report to your insurance company.
Can i apply for a job at California department of corrections with dui after I expunged my record
Asking questions about criminal records
The government will see the record, especially if what you did was a dismissal based on satisfying all terms and your...
Am I allowed to move out of state with a pending dui?
So I received a DUI in California and it is still pending, meaning I have not officially been convicted yet. Now I want to move just across state lines to Arizona and I want to know if 1. That is allowed prior to conviction? 2. If I am convicted, can I move out of state after that or am I stuck in CA? (Or can the judge make an exception to certain situations)
You are free to travel unless there are restrictions on your bond and/or bail. Contact your attorney for further...
What does final charge means
For a dui final and disposition means
It is difficult to provide an answer with limited information given above. The final disposition for a first time DUI...
It past 10 years since I got my DUI but I haven't paid my fees can I get my driver's license.
Need to get to work, school.
You should contact a California attorney, and I am not admitted in California. However, here is some information for...
If i was drunk underage and the officer did not include that violation on the ticket he wrote me, is that violation still valid?
im 19 and was drunk and we got pulled over. i was not driving i was in the back seat. the officer gave me back my license and as i was putting it back in my wallet he said to exit the vehicle then after about 3-5 seconds after asking me to exit the vehicle said it louder and pulled me from the car. he searched me and found my pocket knife and now is claiming that i told him i had it and while i was putting my id away he reacted and pulled me out becasue of the knife i had. i at no point said anything about it because i had completly forgotten i had it in my pocket due to the fact i never carry it. On the ticket i recieved it states the resisting arrest violation but no other violations.
If the officer cited your for possession of alcohol, etc., then you would lose your drivers license for one year...