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I just left work and on the way home I got into an accident. They asked me to do a field test and I passed it. I also passed the breathalyzer. I refused the blood test, however considering I passed the other two I didn't think it was necessary. So they took me to jail and had me sign some forms and considering I worked from 8 at night to 10 in the morning and it was already close to noon I did not read the forms. I am not guilty, however since I did refuse the blood test I doubt I can prove that. What can I do?
A lot. Do not rest on thinking that DWI's can't be beat. A good/great DWI attorney can work wonders. Sometimes I...
My husband got a DUI in 2010 had an IID for 3 yrs, took the classes and did the VIP.. Now he's going tomorrow to the DPS but when he called Tuesday they told him he'd have to do another year with an IID, 2 yrs probation and check in with them(DPS) every 6 mos. Isn't that like a double jeopardy kind of thing?
Consult with a locally experienced DUI attorney. Most will offer a free consultation. Good luck. Jasen Nielsen
I have an administrative suspension and pending criminal DUI in FL with an AL license, and in the process of becoming an OK resident. I travel for work, live in an RV and contract all over the country and world. I had switched my residence to OK from AL, I just hadn't switched my DL yet due to work location restrictions. My home of record and taxes are in OK though. I got a DUI administrative suspension in FL and have a pending court case with a FL lawyer. I could get a hardship license in FL if I were a FL resident. My career will be destroyed without limited driving privileges and I would not be able to feed myself, I am single and live in an RV. I am already financially crippled and believe that physically crippling me and destroying my career is unreasonable. What should I do? HELP!
Until you have been convicted of the DUI the Florida suspension is only administrative. Therefore the Florida...
The case is a DUI with serious physical injury. The blood test is not admissible. The passenger/victim is alive and well and received full auto insurance payment. The preliminary hearing has been postponed by the ADA several times over the last 6 months. The only offer he has given was maximum for the charge. The current attorney said she would touch base with him a couple of days before the next scheduled prelim.
There are no "repercussions" for changing attorneys at any stage of the case. The sixth amendment guarantees you the...
my brother in law is currently on probabtion and residing in the state of oklahoma. His probation is due to prior dui charges, two, to be exact. tonight he was arrested while working out of town in Texas and was charged with dui. Should they be worried about any serious charges will come out of this. and what chances is there of him going to prison?
Yes. Prior convictions is any state can and will most likely be held against a person even if they pick up charges in a...
Got a dui bonded out went to my hearing where the judge gave me time to hire a attorney and gave me another date I hired a attorney My question is can he go to court without me present for the hearing
Ask him because the answer varies by judge.
I received a deferrment and no conviction from recent court proceedings
If you did not request a hearing from DPS within 15 days from your arrest your license will be automatically revoked....