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Can I avoid being convicted of a DUI after failing the DSR test?
Went around a corner a little fast that everyone around does, got pulled over for a DUI and reckless driving. Was arrested, processed, and charged. This is my first driving offense ever since attaining my drivers license.
You can generally avoid a conviction on a first offense DUI, but you need a lawyer. If your license was seized and you...
I received a DUI in Maryland (BAC .19), I am from New York. Can I take online Alcohol Education courses certified by MD?
I have an atttorney in Maryland that believes I will be eligible for Probation before Judgement. He suggested I enroll in Alcohol Education courses before my trail. Would online courses certified by Maryland through be sufficient?
There is absolutely no way you should get this answer from anyone but your lawyer. If you can't get this answer from...
On parole got stop last night for dui but wasn't arrested only citations how much troble am I in
If convicted, then potentially you face time for the new charges and loss of your good time and diminution credits too....
Does recent DUI arrest (no court date yet) affect my H1B extention application and future green card application?
I recently got charged with DUI (May 5th 2013). My employer also is in a process of filing my H1B visa extension. It'll be filed on the 13th of May. I'm worried that this arrest will affect the application since I haven't notified my employer. Also, will this affect my future green card application if I end up having a probation for the DUI as my employer is going to start the green card process after my H1B extension is approved. Regarding the DUI, my BAC was .11, no accident or injury. I got pulled over while driving my friend's car because the headlights weren't on (there was only fog lights). I did all the sobriety tests and I did well, but the police woman said I didn't pass to her standards. I, however, was confused with her instructions at some point. Thanks for any help.
The H1B will not be affected. A future green card may, but all the facts are not yet established as it is still a...
I have a pbj in maryland for attempted dui I need to get it expundged due to changes of policy at my job?
I am a tech for directv and as of january 2013 they changed the work polices and i am not allowed to install until sept 2013 is there any way to get this expunged sooner so I can get back to work I am a single dad and this is how I support my children because if it is expunged i can go back to work with in a week of it being expunged
The law has been changed in Maryland and you can no longer expunge a disposition of Probation Before Judgment (PBJ) for...
How long do you stay on Delaware DDMP records. I cannot get Maryland driving license until released.
When I had Delaware driving license, I had a DUI in Maryland in 1998. After that I moved to Maryland. I had certain task to perform for the DUI verdict, I performed all task, but, my Maryland probation officer never notified Delaware that these were completed. Now Delaware will not release me from DDMP because of this. These records are now almost 15 years old, I called probation offices, I was told they probably will not find these records, never heard from them again. I read that you stay on DDMP a certain amount of time, depending on which state, then you MUST be released by the anniversary date of the original charges. I don't know how long you stay on Delaware's DDMP record. If it is 15 years, then I should be able to get my Maryland driving license soon, in February.
The only thing that I can suggest is giving Delaware's version of DMV a call. Good luck. Jasen Nielsen
Will Maryland expunge a dui put on a stet docket?
I was arrested for a dui and dwi in 2006. The case was put on a stet docket. i realize that i am beyond the 3 year waiting period for expungement but am not sure if it is even possible to have an alcohol related offense expunged?
The stet docket is an inactive docket. The case can be re-activated by either the State or the defendant for any reason...