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How can I have my husband's license revoked?
He's an alcoholic, and I don't believe he should be driving.
If you believe that your husband is driving while impaired, you need to contact the police. If you see him get into the...
Do police have to give you a receipt or ticket pertaining to a blood draw.
Was stopped some time ago and taken to the hospital. No accident involved, fully concious, etc. Police never administered any form of PBT or field sobriety test, nor said anything to me about a blood draw or even mentioned a DUI. My question is, could they attain and send a blood test sample for testing without my knowlege, or do they have to provide a receipt of some kind, or ticket, or at least consent? Just curious, thanks.
If you believe the police may have violated search and seizure laws during the course of your investigation, my very...
What can I expect , how much will the appropriate lawyer cost , and is there any possible way this can be reduced .
I currently have nothing on my record. I recently hit a tree in my truck because I swerved for a dear @ 4:00am I called my parents and had then pick me up to take me to the hospital I arrived at about 7:00 am then a state trooper that was in the area came to the hospital for questioning I agreed and did anything i could for the officer I took a handheld breath test and blew a 0.12 then went away for x rays and medical treatment when I got back to my room with the officer it was about 11:00 am where he conducted a chemical test and issued me and breath blood and urine test report with my temporary driving permit and said I can and said I will be tried for an owi. Its been approximately a month since this occurred.what should I expect and how much can this cost
Between fines and costs, license suspensions and restrictions, increased insurance rates, and attorney fees, this can...
Can my attorney help with Secretary of State suspending my license?
had a very terrible 2 years trying to keep marriage of 25 years together. Got a 2 pt speeding ticket.... Then leaving the scene no injury... Now high b.a.c owi! 14 pts!!! Haven't gone to court yet for owi. He wants to fight it for me. But if it fails can he help with my license being only restricted from sec of state? Or is this with the judge?
There is no hardship appeal from a drunk driving conviction. The secretary of state will suspend your license when...
What should I do after moving to California with a restricted Michigan license.
I am moving from Michigan to California for a new job this April. However, my Michigan driver license is restricted to drive to work/school/home until August. The reason for the restriction is because I got multiple tickets (10 points out of the 12 total points limit) during my Michigan driver license's 3-year-probation period (applied to all original Michigan driver licenses). I know that I must get a California license with 10 days of residency setup. After moving to California, what should I do the get a CA driver license? If I can get one, will it be restricted or non-restricted?
Apply with the CA. DMV and see what they tell you. Be HONEST with the CA DMV about the status of your MI license.
No charges filed just under 3 years out from DUI arrest? Can charges still be filed?
I was arrested for DUI but never charged. I know i bro the law and my BAC was over the limit. The officer and courts have my correct address but I have never received any correspondence regarding the matter. Its been nearly 3 years since and ive gotten my head on straight since the birth of my child (2 weeks after arrest) and have been living a law abiding life. There are no warrants out for me, but im concerned that when I go to renew my license there will be a hold given the xxg35 or 25 or something on my license. What can I do?
if you haven't been charged then don't worry about and certainly don't call to find out where your charges are. maybe...
Can your license be suspended for a second DUI if it means having to quit your job, be homeless, and not meet probation?
I received a 2nd DUI & was sentenced with 1 yr probation, testing 3 days/wk, AA 2x'/wk & alcohol counseling 1x/wk, plus 240 hrs of community service & having my car immobilized for 90 days. I work 2 part time jobs & rent a room from a family. The Secretary of State has revoked my license for a full year & said I am unable to apply for a restricted license for work & court purposes. Since there is no public transportation, I am being forced to quit my jobs leaving me with no income & forcing me to become homeless. In addition, I will not be able to comply with probation. The courts say it is not up to them & I have to deal with the Secretary of State. I want to work & I am capable of working but am being forced to collect welfare & look for government housing. Can they legally do this?
Yes they can legally do this. This is your 2nd DWI and obviously you don't understand the dangers of drinking and...