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How much can I sue for drunk driver hit me?
I was a passenger in my friends car accident my friend and I were going about 55mph a drunk driver from other side of road hit us we went on two wheels in ditch totaled our car air bags never went off my upper spine neck and shoulder were very badly strained . It's been 2 weeks now and through the night my pain comes on and I constantly have bad dreams about it. Please help..
I am sorry you had such a bad accident and are still having emotional distress. Yes, first you need to hire a Personal...
What do I need to do to get my license reinstated ASAP ? Is there a possibility of jail for a misdemeanor charge?
I got a DUI two yrs ago and got work alternative which I completed and to take the first offender class. My lawyer sent me all of the paperwork and it was delayed getting to me. I went to sign up for te class and was told I had to go to request a new slip w a non expired date to enroll. I did that and while there the clerk stated she thought it was weird because the class did not seem to be part of my probation term but with the DMV. Either way I did that. I moved shortly after that has my mail forwarded to my new address and never got the paper back to enroll and in all honesty forgot about it because I knew I had a restricted license at the point. I work two jobs 7 days a week and go to school full time and I am a single parent and a Veteran I had no intention of avoiding the class.
I believe at this time you will have to complete the alcohol class to get your license back. Check your driving record....
Do I need a criminal defense attorney?
My boyfriend got a felony dui. There were no accidents or injuries involved in any of his duis. He has one strike against him from 6 years ago for attempted residential burglary. He was unarmed and no one was home at the time of the offense. Because of his strike they're trying to give him 32 months with 80%. Do you think it's possible to have a Romero motion granted? Is it worth hiring a criminal defense attorney?
Anyone facing a felony DUI with a strike prior would be well advised to seek private counsel. His criminal history...
How much time do u receive for your first dirty pee test on ab109 in Salinas ca
Need to test in one week but I'm scared I might be dirty s o if iam what happens
Depends what your crime is. What were you convicted of?
Can someone help me with DUI even if a don't have a California driver license and I am illegally in this country?
I need a DUI bilingual lawyer that speaks Spanish to help me with my case. My court is going to be in August and I need to be ready, also I want to know what are the options I have. I was arrested and my BAC was 0.8% or more, also I don't have a California driver license. I really need help this is the first time this happened to me, I don't have any bad record or tickets. This is the first time. I really need someone that can help me with my case and explain me what are the steps and options that I have to take.
An attorney in my Office is an expert in immigration law and court and also in DUI/DMV. Give him a call for free...
What will happen if I dont complete my court ordered aa meetings?
In thanksgiving of last year I got a ticket for minor possession of alcohol I was 18 by the way so not under 18. I went to court and got 10 aa meetings and I've only completed 4 whats most likly to happen.
It depends. Did you enter into an informal diversion agreement such as "do 10 AAs and we will drop the charges." If so...
Can my boyfriend be deported when he goes to court for a DUI?
My boyfriend gave his friend a ride to store, he was drinking at home. He decided to fill empty water bottles. A police saw him and started questioned him and asked if he had been drinking and he said yes. Officer arrested boyfriend and charged him With DUI. Can boyfriend be deported when we go to court for his dui?
I've done hundreds of DUI cases around California and I've never seen anyone deported for showing up to court. If he...