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How can i fix my dui fines and classes without being arrested?
I got a dui in california oct. of 2013 and did not complete classes or community service or pay fines for them. Now my pay checks are being garnished for the court fines.
One approach is to get in touch with a Modesto attorney and have him clear the warrant and get a re-referral to the...
My friend drank and drove home, she hit a curb and left her car there and I dropped home. 30 minutes later, cops came and gave
I picked her up from crash site around 1:30 am and dropped her home at 1:40 am. The chp showed up at her house around 2 am and started questioning her. At the crash site, some guy helped her moved the car to the side so she would not obstruct traffic.
Your post does not include a question. But based on the bare facts you've included, it sounds like your friend may...
2nd DUI in 1993. Started but never finished 18-month program. Should license still be suspended? Can I get restricted license?
I got my second DUI back in 1993. I started treatment a couple times, but never finished. I called DMV Mandatory Actions and they said my license is still suspended, and that I have to COMPLETE the 18-month DUI program to get it back. Is that right? It's been over 20 years! If so, can I get a restricted license for work in the mean time? How? Thank you for any help!
Under a new California law, folks with a 2nd DUI can get a restricted license after 90 days of being enrolled in a 18...
Do I need an sr-22?
my california drivers license was suspended following a dmv administrative hearing for refusing to submit to a chemical test. I was never convicted of a dui, nor was I ever charged with a dui - the case never made it to court. Do I need an sr-22 to reinstate my license or is it as simple as just going to dmv to reinstate? Dmv has never notified me of what i need to do, and it's not completely clear from what I've read online. Thank you
If your CDL was suspended you'll need to file an SR22 and pay DMV fees of approximately $125 to get your license back...
DUI, Do I need an attorney?
Christmas Eve I made it home from work after a small office party. I had 5 beers over a 5 hour period, eating intermittently feeling well enough to drive home. I had a slight accident after a fresh rain making the streets slippery. I slid into a rought iron fence thinking I did not hit it I drove home. I felt no jolt or forced stop. Shortly thereafter a CHP arrived at my home and went through the normal rigermarow. I was arrested for a DUI even after I arrived home. I did not go to jail that night. Will I end up serving time? What defense do I have If any? Where do I go from here? I have a very and I mean very small dent on my bumper and drove by the apparent accident site and noticed NO damage. Do I have to file a claim with insurance?
You will likely get charged with leaving the scene of the accident and possibly dui
My son is at Sierra Conservation Center, Jamestown serving a 3 year sentence for DUI's. He has been given 50 %. serving time.
I was visiting him yesterday, and the rumor around his the prison, is a new law was passed about the percentages inmates are serving. Supposedly the people doing 50 % , could now be down to 33 % or third time. Is there any truth to this. If so, where can I go for help. Thank You
I do not know of any law reducing time served to 1/3 versus 50%. Indeed, with passage of Proposition 47, prison...
My husband was intoxicated got charged with a felony pc 529a this is his first felony charge he still needs to go to court.
What are his chances
What are his chances? Would you like odds?? Since we know absolutely nothing about the evidence against him (or lack...