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Last night I was pulled over because I pulled into a pull off on the side of the road and pulled back out because I didn't need to stop, the officer pulled me over and gave me a brethalyzer and I blew a .033. I am 17 and turn 18 in December . I am already on probation as well. What do you believe my consequences are going to be?
Were you arrested and charged with anything? If charged with underage drinking the outcome depends on what your other...
My boyfriend got arrested for driving on a restricted license while trying to rescue his dog from an animal shelter. He is a habitual offender and he just went to court over it. His lawyer told him it is considered a felony and the DA wanted to persue it as the felony. They wanted a plea bargain of 12 months in jail, or he would have a trial and would most likely get more, maximum of 5 years. Well we go to court and last minute his lawyer tells him the plea is now 2 years, 12 months suspended and 12 months probation, with little time to think about it because they were already infront of the judge he agreed but plead no contest. Can this be appealed?
If he decided to plead guilty to a crime then it is NOT able to be appealed. I assume the Judge sentenced him within...
I am a foster mom of a 9month old baby girl whom I have had since she was 5 days old. both parents were incarcerated and the father was released when she was 6 months old. he now wants unsupervised visitations . I have witnesses to his drug use and alcoholism since his release three months ago. he has a lengthy criminal background but no assaults or anything serious - mostly thefts, drunk in publics, public swearing, forgery etc. Is it possible for him to get no visitation because of his influence on her as she grows up?
As a general rule, the courts prefer a natural parent to third parties when it comes to custody and determining the...
DUI case was not demiss just not convicted
Without knowing more about your specific case, it is difficult to give the best answer. My recommendation is to either...
I was drinking wine with my mom last weekend and drank too much. I wound up blacking out and had been fighting with my boyfriend on the phone. I was upset and hysterical. My mom locked me out of the house and called the police. They showed up and I was told that I pushed the cop. I don't have a criminal history and am not a violent person. I didn't know if there were any chance if I got a lawyer and got involved in aa, anger management, therapy, and wrote the officer a formal apology if I could keep myself out of jail. id be willing to do probation or anything. I just am terrified to go back to jail after spending a week there. I am really trying to turn my life around. Please help!!
You really need to consult an attorney. And I am somewhat confused, you state you do not have a criminal history but...
I received a phone call from my son to come and pick him up. He informed me his mother came home drunk, wrecked her car, and the police were there. She had ran a car off the road, almost rear ended another, and swiped a guard rail. The police showed up at her home after a call was made regarding her erratic driving. They did not issue a DUI because she was in the home when they arrived. How should I proceed from here to gain custody or temporary custody if she agrees to rehab?
This is a custody issue. Contact a experienced family law attorney.
get employment because companies wont insure me because of wreckless driving being so recent! This is in Virginia... Do I have any options to get this removed?
Probably not, but it is worth investigating. Some charges that are reduced take a while to be taken off of a criminal...