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    Saturday Jul 23 | via Salem News 

    A 20-year-old passenger in the other vehicle was transported by ambulance to the Salem hospital for possible injuries. - An officer responded to an East Fifth Street home at 3:54 p.m. Friday in reference to a civil dispute in which the property owner claimed the tenant was possibly selling items from the home and refused to come to the door.


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  • Strosnyder murder hearing set July 28

    Friday Jul 22 | via Salem News 

    A July 28 preliminary hearing was set for Terry Allen Strosnyder, the Salem man charged with murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend Athena A. Nicholas on July 17. Strosnyder, 49, East Second Street, Salem, who has a visible injury from his own gunshot wound to the head, had his bond set at $2.5 million cash or surety during a video arraignment on Friday morning before Columbiana County Municipal Court Judge Charles C. Amato. Nicholas was found lying dead in the backyard of the Second Street home with a gunshot wound to the back of her head.


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  • Salem man jailed on murder charge for Sunday shooting

    Thursday Jul 21 | via WFMJ-TV Youngstown 

    The lone survivor of last weekend's fatal shooting in Salem is being held in the Columbiana County Jail on a charge of murder. Strosnyder and 46-year-old Athena Nicholas were found on the 600 block of East Second Street early Sunday.


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  • Salem police: Shooting murder, attempted suicide

    Thursday Jul 21 | via Salem News 

    Murder and attempted suicide - that's what happened on Second Street early Sunday, police said Thursday after taking Terry A. Strosnyder into custody for the shooting death of his girlfriend, Athena Hunt Nicholas. "We believe there was an argument that unfortunately led to her death and his attempt to take his own life," Salem Police Det.


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  • Salem man may get chance at treatment on drug, theft...

    Tuesday Jul 19 | via Salem News 

    A 22-year-old Salem man may get a chance to go to the Eastern Ohio Correctional Center after pleading guilty to 15 charges on Tuesday in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court, but he will not get to wait at his mother's home until sentencing. Austin J. Brown, West Pine Lake Road, Salem, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of drugs, one charge of possession of drug paraphernalia, seven counts of receiving stolen property and five counts of forgery.


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  • Woman pleads guilty, faces over 5 years in prison

    Monday Jul 18 | via Salem News 

    Candy M. Kibler, 46, West Lincoln Way, Lisbon, pleaded guilty in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court to receiving stolen property, tampering with evidence and possession of drugs. She faces up to five and a half years in prison, a $17,500 fine and a five-year license suspension if all counts run consecutively.


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  • Police investigating shooting death in Salem

    Sunday Jul 17 | via Salem News 

    A shooting early Sunday in a back yard on East Second Street left a mother of three dead and her live-in boyfriend seriously injured, but police aren't defining what happened pending the results of an autopsy and further investigation. Athena Hunt Nicholas, 46, was pronounced dead at the scene outside her residence at 636 E. Second St., where she was found face down along with 49-year-old Terry A. Strosnyder, also found face down.


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  • Water operator arrested for failing to tell public a...

    Thursday Jul 14 | via New York Daily News 

    A former public water system operator for Sebring in northeastern Ohio was charged on Wednesday with misdemeanor crimes for failing to notify the public about lead contamination in some tap water in the town, the state's attorney general said. James Bates of Salem, Ohio, was charged with two counts of recklessly failing to provide timely notice of individual lead tap water results to affected consumers and failing to educate the public in a timely manner, according to a statement from the Ohio attorney general's office.


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  • Municipal Court

    Tuesday Jul 12 | via Salem News 

    A July 21 preliminary hearing was scheduled in Columbiana County Municipal Court for Michael D. Proctor Jr., 47, Louisville, charged with theft for allegedly being caught driving Kenneth Burbick's Allis Chalmers 180 tractor without his permission on Waynes Bridge Road, Lisbon on Tuesday. Bond is set at $50,000 cash or surety.


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  • County man sentenced to three years in prison for ro...

    Jun 22, 2016 | via The Review 

    A man who robbed Smith Oil in Salem last November utilizing a gun was sentenced to three years in prison by Columbiana County Common Pleas Court Judge C. Ashley Pike on Monday morning. Andrew J. Duko, 25, Vine Street, Salem, previously pleaded guilty to robbery and two counts of trafficking in drugs.


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  • Columbiana County Municipal

    Jun 21, 2016 | via The Review 

    In Columbiana County Municipal Court, a June 27 pretrial was set for Jessica A. Hill, 33, Charlton Drive, Lisbon, charged with OVI second offense; possession of drug abuse instruments and drug paraphernalia for needles and glass pipes allegedly in her possession on April 29; and theft for allegedly stealing a black purse valued at $37 from Smith Oil on June 3. A June 27 pretrial was set for Jacob A. Carter, 18, last known address Buck Road, Beloit, charged with assault and domestic violence for allegedly striking his mother Cynthia Masters in the face, threatening her life and grabbing and pushing Richard Miller, who heard them arguing and entered the house on June 12. Constance Freeman, 33, Depot Road, Salem, was fined $275 and required 40 hours community service for driving under suspension and failure to yield.


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  • Robber gets 3 years, and hopefully some help

    Jun 20, 2016 | via Morning Journal 

    A man who robbed Smith Oil in Salem last November utilizing a gun was sentenced to three years in prison by Columbiana County Common Pleas Court Judge C. Ashley Pike on Monday morning. Andrew J. Duko, 25, Vine Street, Salem, previously pleaded guilty to robbery and two counts of trafficking in drugs.


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Salem Law

Can Ohio take my South Carolina Driver's license when arrested for an OVI?
Pulled over for OVI in Ohio who retained my South Carolina license. They stated need to see what South Carolina does. Need an ID to board plane for return trip home.
Yes, interstate agreements can put the ouch on your driving privileges. I see it all the time between Arkansas,...
My ex has work driving privileges from a dui. he was in an accident on his way to pick up our child. should I contact my atty?
I did not know he didn't have a DL until he was in the accident or I would have never allowed him to drive our son. We just went thru a nasty custody battle for child support ( that he still hasn't paid a year later) should I let my attorney know what happened? Should I not let him see him until he can drive again?
These are all answers you have to sift through for yourself. Just remember that you have a son in common with him and...
I was charged with ovi. It was cause of suspected drug use. I couldn't urinate why couldn't they take blood?
I wrecked company work vehicle and they found spoon and pills. I denied ownership of them was taken to police station and couldn't urinate so they said I refused test and took liscense for a year. I had no drugs not prescribed in my system and wanted to pee but couldn't. Why wouldn't they just take blood for testing.
This is always a tough set of circumstances. There are plenty of people who have trouble urinating on demand....
Is there a way for someone to get their drivers license back sooner than two years who was convicted of a DUI in West Virginia?
I'm trying to help a friend. She was charged with a DUI in West Virginia but has an Ohio license and this is her first DUI. West Virginia said they suspended her license for two years since she was charged with injury but the injury charges were dropped later. Is there any way for her to get her license back before the two years??
It may be possible. Ohio will suspend a person for an out of state DUI for 6 months or the period imposed by the other...
I got dui in west virginia in 2010went to court over it payed my fine with my attorney knew nothing of anything else nothing
i live in ohio nothing was sent to my house for reinstatement nothing mentioned in front of the magistrate of west virginia called west virginia to resolve the issue was put on hold then to a answering service to leave amessage no call back
Not sure what question you are asking here.
Can I get work release this will be my 3rd dui but one of them was 6 years ago
I have court tomorrow going to plea not guilt and get a lawyer I have talked to a lawyer already he seems to think I will get 30 days in jail but how many do u think I will get I need work release to keep my job do u think my lawyer will be able to get it for me?
Work release will depend on the prosecutions input and the judge. It definitely makes sense to hire an experienced DUI...
Urine test at pre trial- sent to jail - false positive???
my friend was pulled over about 8pm on a sunday night, she had her 2 year old daughter in the back seat. the officer said that she had touched the yellow line going around the bend.They asked her if she had been drinking, answer was no. breathalyzer test was 0. she offered a urine sample but was denied water, she offered to take blood test , was denied. let go after 5 hours charged with traffic violation and OVI.. at pre trial- judge asks for a urine sample without atty present. test came back pos for meth, which she has never done in her life. she had been taking sudafed for allergies. The judge said she was in contempt of court and sent her to jail for 30 days. did not even have the pre trial for traffic violation. Something seems wrong here....ANY HELP?????
It is VERY possible that this was a false positve and your friend needs to get an aggressive attorney involved asap....