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Went to a hearing officer, provided evidence that was default machine not working... 3 weeks later the RMV wants me to come back in .. Is this a good thing?
It is never a good thing to go back, hire an attorney.
Charged in civil court and again under the UCMJ
I recently got a DUI that I'm fighting but the Coast Guard has charged me as well. Can they charge me with the same thing as the civil courts?
The military can indeed pursue action against you.
In a NH dwi case. When a femail driver has a field sobriety test, should the police have her take off her high heel shoes?
Girlfriend and I were recently pulled over in Salem NH. I coulndnt drive but she could. Got pulled over and police gave here field sobriety test. She had high heels on. Had trouble so the arrested her. Shouldn't they ask to do flat footed? 2ndly when they said they were going to arrest her, they grabbed her firmly and bent her over car. I have gotten a dwi before in the same town and the police said sir we are placing you under arrest please turn around and place hands behind back. She was coopertive and did nothing to provoke that. She is all of 120 lbs. I was in car windows open watching whole thing.
There is a host of problems with FSTs irrespective of what your girlfriend was wearing. There are a lot of people who...
If I am convicted of an OUI in MA, will I be able to obtained a Registered Nurse license in the state of NH?
I will be graduating with an Associates Degree in Nursing this month and plan to take the NCLEX exam in July.
I don't think it's necessarily relevant that the OUI happened in a state other than that where you want to get licensed...
Is it right for a cop to give u the field sobriety test after i told him i have screws and rods in my ankle?and have weak balanc
is it also right for a cop to have u take the field sobriety test on a crack in the pavement?instead of a solid traffic line on the side of the road?
It's legal. It goes to the weight of the evidence. Hire an experienced DWI defense attorney.
Will i go to jail?
I was arrested for a DUI i was under the influnce of prescribstion pills and methadone, both prescribed to me. My child was in the car so i am also being charged with indangering a child. This was my first DUI but i do have a criminal record and a few felonys (falsifing a money order and forgery) i have done jail time before as well. i am working with DCYF, going to NA/AA meetings, working on getting into therapy, and am also trying to enroll in parenting classes. will i go to jail?
The enhancement with the child endangerment definitely complicates thing. It is hard for me to say how strong or weak...
Can I fulfill these requirements in NH? Is it going to cost more money?
I got an OUI in Massachusetts. I moved to NH soon after and got a guilty conviction after I moved. I have to now take a 24D program. I don't have a license and can't drive down to MA to take these classes.
You will need to speak with the probation department in the MA court to see if they will accept a class from a NH provider.