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I was driving sober and got pulled over . I passed this alcohol test but the officer said I didnt pass the straight line pass plus I had a suspended license then they took a blood sample and held me for 8 hours .what I do is weed and zanz so I guess they are in my system but I dont understand am I good ?
Are you good depends. Driving with the presence of a controlled substance is a criminal charge with license sanctions...
Can I get my driving privileges back after I got pulled over for dwi?
I was driving sober and this dude pulled me over for no damn reason then I passed the alcohol test with 0% but he just wanted to arrest me. Thats how I felt to be honest so he said I didn't pass the straight line test and I was in jail for 12 hours , again SOBER while driving. I smoke marijuana with no prescription and I did xanax on that same weekend my question is can I get my driving license back in August 18th after I applied for a driver license reexamination till the blood sample comes out ? That was BEFORE all that dwi happened I AM NOT GUILTY that's what I know, I'm an international student so I need an affordable lawyer to help me , Thank u all
If drugs are found in your system, you have serious issues. Get a local attorney on board asap.
Will it be affective to reach out to the district attorney to try and work something out
I was arrested for a Owi/dui I had a bac of .18 I didn't receive much paperwork but was giving a temporary license I'm pretty sure I need to contact the court to see when should I report i can't afford a private lawyer so I would need a public defender I am leaning towards pleading guilty and accept the consequences I knew i was very wrong but my question is this would it help to contact the district attorney and or clerks to see if anything can would worked out for a lesser charge or less severe consequences
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!! Do NOT just plead guilty! You are being charged with OWI-High BAC also known as "Super Drunk."...
Can i ever get a licence with a drunk driver cause of death
Car accident was drinking and caused death
Most states do not take away your license forever. If you were involved in a DUI fatality, I imagine you have or had...
Do I have to take the Test I am told I have to take after reading a book titled A Fresh Path?I
I am, right now, 72 years old, my memory IS failing me and I am being tested for Dementia or other memory conditions. I don't know how failing this test will effect my case, but it stays on my mind all the time. I am fearful and nervous about how/what will happen to my case if I do fail. I am definitely afraid of taking this test.
Your question lacks sufficient detail about the facts of your master. We cannot provide answers of any value to you...
Can I get any Leniency for hardship my 1st dui blew .18 I have a baby and toddler only driver in household
I was pulled over in south Lyon blew a .18 nothing on my record. My husband has a felony dui and no license. This was the first time I drank in 3 years and I got a dui and since I blew so high I'm worried that my family will suffer because if I can't drive no one in my household can either. I am a stay at home mom and am also worried that because I'm not employed that won't help my case. Neither do I want to expose that my husband has a felony dui on his record in fear that it will not help my case. We are both recovering alcoholics and I had a slip of judgement and control. I have already began meetings again my court date is a week and half away. Plan to stand mute and retain a court appointed attorney. Will be attending the 52nd district court. Is there any way possible they will not suspend me license for the 45days?
It is possible that you could have less sanctions on your license. That will depend on the convicting offense. I'm glad...
Can you hold on to registered nurse license if you have been convicted of MISDEMEANOR MCL 750.5354A in Michigan.
It's been two years since the conviction. I regret it till today. A Mistake completely made out of my character. I will be applying for my RN license will I be rejected.
This is not a criminal defense question; It is an administrative / regulatory / licensing question, and no lawyer can...