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Can you have a liquor license if you have been arrested?
I was arrested for being drunk driving a boat which caused injury to others, I refused breathalyzer and blood test and am now suing the other boat driver....will I lose my liquor license for my bar
You will not per say lose the lic. you will most likely have to answer to the State about the issue. Be preemptive and...
If you fail a sobrietor test how do you know? Does they send a second test? Will i be called or have to wait to find out?
In home sobrietor. Petrified. I made a mistake reading up on the device and many people report false positives and no way to defend themselves. I feel like im constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. A little peace will help..
What is the question here? Are the tests sometimes wrong? Sometimes. Police you a variety of tests to have the best...
Is it a very bad idea to plead guilty to my OUI charge in MA? Technically 2nd offense, had DWI in NY at age 18 under Zero Tol.
OUI in MA. Crashed into curb pulling over, failed sobriety test, was arrested, blew a .24 at the station. 2nd offense (I got a DWI in NY at 18 after getting pulled over for my tail light being out. I blew a .06 was arrested for Zero Tolerance nearly 10 years ago (9/1/03). Got attorney, plead not guilty, received 100 hours community service, alcohol class, fines, lic. gone for 3 or 4 years. Cond. license to drive to and from work. No tickets since. Clean record. I am ill, in life crisis, have no family, single mom. I have no $ and am guilty. I don't drink or use drugs - why I underestimated my intoxication (was fleeing a fight w/my ex) Jail, lic. loss, rehab I can do, fines I can't. Might judge give me sent. other than high fines or might they throw the book @ me to ensure no repeat offense
You should consult with an experienced DWI/DUI attorney before making any decisions. If you want to contact an...
Was arrested DUI in 8/10 but CWF. Had to pay out lot of $$, lost license almost 11 months, lost work due to court appearances,
plus sent to drunk school. Was arrested DUI (drugs) 7/13, put in jail 6 hrs & have court date next month. Police got call from another driver about my hitting jersey barrier (tiny scrape on car). I told police about texting. What's the worst (& best) that could happen? Have court appointed lawyer because I couldn't afford one.
Well since you have an attorney you should address these issues with them as they are in the best position to know your...
If a license is suspended after having an ignition interlock and I get arrested for driving, is it driving on a suspended?
My brother is being charged with driving without an ignition interlock . He had 2 IUDs over 12 years ago and a little over a year ago he received a license with the Z restriction requiring him to have the ignition interlock . A few months later he returned the ignition interlock because he no longer had access to the car it was installed in . He voluntarily returned it and the RM suspended his license . A few months ago he was arrested for driving . They are charging him for driving without an ignition interlock which is a felony carrying a mandatory 6 month jail sentence and up to 2 ½ years with a mandatory time served of 150 days . Heretics the question , because his license was suspended , wouldn't the charges need to be Driving on a Suspended and not Driving without the Interlock ?
He could be charged with both! His license was suspended for not having a vehicle with an interlock and he drove in a...
I just got a charged with a DWI in the state of Nh. I refused the breath test. will this show in my backround check. im from MA
i will lose my license for 6 month is there additional time in im charged in court in nh? and what happens in mass, are they going to take it for any time besides the 6 months.
if you have a Massachusetts license, then you will lose your privileges in New Hampshire if you are convicted of the...
The police advised me not to take a breathalyzer can I have the 180 day loss of license thrown out.
I crashed into a pole I was intoxicated and told the officer that I was. I failed the field test and there was also a witness that stated I was drunk. At the station I read the consent form to take the breathalyzer and checked yes. The officer told me they can't advise me but to check no and get a lawyer. I did as I was told and at court I plead to a continuation without a find. The trouble is instead of losing my license for 45 days I lost it for 45 days plus the 180 for refusing to do the breathalyzer. I drive for a living and after 6 months I will be terminated if I do not have a license. This is my 1st offense and my only traffic violation I have ever had. I don't understand why they would advise me to do this as of now a 20 year career is probably over with a loss of my pension. Is there any way I can get the 180 days thrown out?
get enrolled in the 24 D program--you are eligible for a hardship license three days after you were placed on probation...