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Can the blood test show how many loratabs and gabapintin I took the day I was charged with a DUI
I have pneumonia and my husband has it also, my husbands pneumonia was going septic and so he has been put in the hospital. I my self had just been to the doctor to make sure i was not going septic as well. Besides pneumonia, I have a double ear infection, throat infection, and head and chest congestion. Needless to say I looked like crap when I was pulled over and sure didn't feel like being messed with but the officer thought I was severely under the influence of something other than my prescription meds which I told him of and these are loratab 7.5 and gabopintin for arthritis and fibromyalga - cough syrup with codien for pneumonia. I failed my road side test which I told him due to my ear infection that my balance was way off - but my meds don't affect my driving because I'm used to them. I'm scared because I had taken extra meds through the night and early that morning due to my illness but at the time I was pulled over the meds had wore off and it was almost time for my next dose; I had those with me but they were loose in my purse which I told him off and was charged with them not being in proper container. I didn't want to take them until I got to the hospital.
You should consult with a DUI lawyer in your area.
Will the charges of dui and felony wanton endangerment stand?
My wife and I were riding home on my motorcycle when we hit loose gravel and crashed. My wife was uninjured but I had a severe concussion and required full facial reconstruction. The officer on scene claimed I appeared intoxicated and charged me with dui and felony wanton endangerment. Apparently I refused a blood alcohol test in the E.R. but I have no memory of that or any of the other events of that night. My blood ethanol level was 0.0186 which converts to a bac of .000186%. Can the charges even stand if my bac was less than .010%?
That chemical test seems impossible to me. Usually they can't even score below a .001 so how you're getting .000186%...
Can I have an old DUI expunged while facing a new DUI?
I have had 3 DUIs over 5 years old and recently just got another DUI and wanted to know if I could have old DUI expunged while this current DUI case is pending.
That's very doubtful, but speak to a local attorney and find out. Usually, by the time you hit 3 DUIs you're in way...
How should I plead? Is it mandatory for all aggrivated 1st offense dui to go to jail?
A month ago I drove my friend who I knew was to impaired to drive, thinking I was okay. He got into a fight and I made him leave, (problems with his ex) but the police were looking for the vehicle. They stopped us and arrested my former friend. They gave me a sobriety test and a BAC which I blew 8.3. They told me I could call someone to pick me up but I didn't have a phone, so I had no numbers or no way to call anyone. I was never combative or rude with the officer. Then they took me to the hospital for a BA. I was so upset and embarrassed because my mother is the registration clerk there, so I told the officer I didn't want to do the BA. I knew my mom was embarrassed and mad. I spent about 12 hours in jail. Released on my OR. If they were going to let me go if I had a ride why take me for a BA? I've never been into trouble and I have no idea what to do.
First, stop making admissions on the internet. Second, you did not blow an 8.3. The 8.3 is not a breath test number....
Will I go to jail before I plead guilty to a driv on sus 2nd when I’m on kaps prob for dui second and driving on sus 1st? ?
I got arrested and did 2 months of 6 months of the shelf (having 4 Mon left), of a two year kaps probation. I was waiting on my interlock device, and got another driving on suspended. Will I go to jail before I evn plead guilty cuz I’m gng to try to have it dismissed? They can’t put me n jail for violating my 2 yr kap prob without pleading guilty, right? And will this driv on sus violate my dui 2nd and driv on sus 1st? will the judge automatically make me so remaining 4 months, part of it or would she extend probation?
Your question is not clear. If you are on probation and commit another crime, probation can violate you and take you...
If you plead not guilty to a DUI and have to go to trial, is jail time the likely punishment if found guilty in KY?
I got a DUI last September and pleaded not guilty at my arraignment. My pre-trial conference is scheduled for a couple of weeks. I don't plan on taking a plea deal, so if I'm found guilty, will jail time be the likely punishment?
It's impossible to know without knowing more facts. Regardless, you do not want to go to trial (or likely enter a plea)...
Missing court ordered alcohol classes in Kentucky?
My son received his 2nd DUI in less than 5 years in KY. He was court ordered to attend weekly alcohol classes. He went to 4 of them but he missed 2 weeks in a row of classes. (he missed the classes because his job scheduled him to work, and he had to work or lose his job). He needs the job to pay for the classes. He went to court and received a new court date about missing the court ordered classes. What can happen to him?
Your son should get a lawyer to talk to the prosecutor and explain the reason your son missed his classes. Because your...