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Im 16 years old ans got pulled over withoutba license
I took my car (not in my name yet) i dont have a lisence the tags where out and i had three others all without a licence i got three citations one for no license one for the tags and one for haveing other in my car while i couldnt legaly drive is there a way i can still get my lisence without waiting till im 18
You need to obtain court supervision on the no DL. Otherwise as you know you can't get a license until you are 18. Hire...
Is a dui citation legal if given from a third party information on lane weaving?
If a person was stopped for illegal lane usage,(weaving), but the officer did not see it, it was just reported to the officer, is it a legal stop? A person was stopped for this, and then arrested for DUI. The weaving was done before any consumption of alcohol as well. So will the DUI stand up in court, if the illegal lane usage citation is not legal?
It will be up to the prosecution to prove its case. Hire a good DUI defense attorney and go to trial.
I need to know if you can get a pardon for a dui in the state of illinois.
A friend needs a pardon to get assisted living housing. She was arrested 1/14/2009 and plead guilty by given advice by someone who may not of had her best interest in the process. She is on disability/ SSI/ and can not get into an apartment with the dui on her background check. She has letters stating that the prescription medication she was taking was the cause of her dui and her husband was in the hosptial and no one would take her there.
Governor Quinn grants very few pardons. And a plea of guilty was not among the kind of things he is looking for to...
No alcohol?
My brother got his first DUI this week. He's planing to visit us for Christmas. If he's found guilty or put on suprevision, will he be able to drink beer? We are trying to reaarange are parties if he can't. Thanks for info. I don't want to ask him bc he probably didn't know yet. (I think I posted this in the wrong subject area the first time. Sry for any trouble.)
More than likely, he will be ordered not to drink and drive (duh) but depending upon his alcohol evaluation, he may...
I got a DUI in Dupage. Will my prosecutor attend court ?
I got a DUI in Dupage. (0.18 breathalyzer; In a private property) My court will be in one month so I asked an attorney for a free consultation and He explained something about talking to the prosecutor !!! And the possibility of reduce it to Reckless driving after seeing what charges the prosecution does. What is true about this ?
Yes DUI is sometimes reduced to reckless but maybe it is a defensible case. This is called plea negotiation. Yes a...
How can I get a DUI walking ?
I got a DUI when i was walking about 15 feet away from my vehecle and the keys were not in my possession. I never admitted to driving and I was detained for possible DUI before they charged me. I was charged finaly because a witness said they saw me driving. what are the chances of this sticking
If you are charged, there is always a chance of it sticking. Get a lawyer as soon as possible and do not discuss the...
I have 2 years probation for A DUI.
Will i get drug tested during an in home visit or any visits to my p.o? The judge did not require drug testing / alcohol testing to be one of the terms of my probation only to complete 30 drug/alcohol classes and a victim impact panel.
I bet the probation order gives your PO the right to demand tests.