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Can i get a michigan drivers license when i have a pending dwi in wisconsin?
I now reside in michigan
Perhaps, if you still have your Wisconsin license but your record, and the results of your actions in Wisconsin will...
Could I prove medical issues were the cause of an incident that lead to a DUI?
Found unresponsive in parking lot. Brought to ER. Diagnosed with pneumonia. With low blood pressure. Dropping all the way down to 79/54. With documentation stating no drugs or alcohol detection. Mentally broken. Released myself against Dr's orders. Found approximately 16 hrs later blocking both lanes shaking uncontrollably disoriented unable to answer. The same as hrs before. Both incidents resulting in ambulance ride to ER. I also have severe emphysema, COPD, PTSD, bi-polar, severe depression,anxiety and just learned oldest son has been arrested by UPSET on many drug charges. Found out he's been using IV. Tested positive with small amounts of my own medication. I have no recollection of either incidents. STILL on antibiotics after a month
You need to hire one of the great lawyers from MIOWIA who are experts at OWI defense.
Should I accept the prosecution's initial offer for an owi?
I was charged with an OWI. I was taken for a blood draw after refusing PBT. Jail PBT was .16. The blood tests that came back at .20. Prior to the pretrial the prosecutor said they would drop the initial refusal C/I and lower it to an OWI over the MI super drunk offense carrying higher fines and sanctions. I live in WI, and am uncertain how this will affect my WI DL. I asked my lawyer if we could try to have it lowered to impaired. He said he would certainly go back and ask. Conveniently, there is no dash cam video that shows I was swerving (allegedly) and I was coherent and answered all the officer's questions appropriately even though I was told I failed half of the sobriety tests. Should I take the plea offer or hold out in hopes of an impaired charge? This is my first offense and I have nothing on my record outside of a speeding ticket from 5 years ago. Any feedback or advice is greatly appreciated.
Holding out is betting on a trial & a jury ... are you prepared to take that risk? That's up to you. You should...
Why wasn't my second MIP considered first offense when my first MIP was diverted (off record)?
18 years old. Second MIP. Unopened container in my parents vehicle, nothing to drink, but was driving car. Went to court today, plead guilty. $590 fines, probation, with possible jail and license being revoked. Michigan law states $200 fine for second MIP, substance abuse treatment, community service, no jail unless you were on probation at time of MIP, and 90 day license suspension. Shouldn't my MIP be considered first offense as law states? I know I was wrong, but the law is the law.
Even though your first MIP was under diversion, it still counts as a prior when you get another similar (here same)...
Re-entry & VISA renewal query after DUI misdemeanor....
Can I leave US when I am on probation for DUI misdemeanor case? Also can I return too during that period? I have completed every thing, paid the fine, took the FOP class and do the community work. But my probation period is still on, so, can I leave US within my probation period and also can I re-enter again in my probation periopd? Will that be a problem at Port Of Entry?
Hello: I would suggest discussing the matter with your probation officer. You should be able to file a motion to...
Can I transfer my 2 DUI's in Florida to Michigan?
Completed probation, no warrants in Florida. I just have a HOLD from Florida. Michigan says they cannot help until I can remove the HOLD. I have to move back to Florida, complete my $500 class, own a car and have an a breather for 2 years in Florida??? I don't minding this but I live in Michigan with my kids. Thanks
Michigan will not give you a driver's license until you can qualify for one in Florida. You are not the only person in...
I have had 2 DUI's, 2007 and 2009. How do I go about getting my lisence back?
2007 and 2009 DUI's. How do I go about getting my license back.? I heard one will drop off but it is on my driver record from SOS. It says driving status ineligible. License not valid: expired.
You will have to show treatment and sobriety for at least the last year or two. That is no drinking at all. Additional...