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  • Porsche-driving real estate exec who 'drunkenly kill...

    Tuesday Feb 2 | via Daily Mail 

    Porsche-driving real estate exec who 'drunkenly killed his friend in crash and left him to die' could have his assets seized A New York real estate developer accused of drunkenly crashing his Porsche in the Hamptons and leaving his friend to die could have his assets seized, it has emerged. Sean Ludwick, 43, was arrested in January on suspicion of trying to evade prosecution on charges of vehicular homicide and drunken driving stemming from a fatal crash in Southampton, New York last August.


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  • Judge Orders Sean Ludwick Held Without Bail After Sa...

    Tuesday Jan 26 | via 

    Sean Ludwick, the New York City real estate developer who allegedly drove drunk and left his passenger on the road in Sag Harbor to die after an accident last summer, will await trial behind bars on a 13-count indictment,, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said. Justice Fernando Camacho ordered Ludwick held without bail today; the defendant is incarcerated in the Suffolk County Correctional Facility, Spota said.


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  • Dirtbag charged in deadly Hampton DUI has bail revok...

    Tuesday Jan 26 | via New York Post 

    Out on $1 million bail as he awaited trial, Sean Ludwick was arrested at his Sag Harbor home last week after trying to buy a 50 - -foot sailboat in Puerto Rico in a - n alleged - scheme to flee to South America , officials said. At a bail hearing Tuesday in Central Islip, Judge Fernando Camacho cited the brazen plot - as he branded him a - n - extreme flight risk and rul - ed - that he must remain behind bars pending trial.


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  • Suffolk judge remands Sean Ludwick to jail

    Tuesday Jan 26 | via The Real Deal 

    Following an alleged escape plot hatched from a hotel in Puerto Rico and Google searches that included "10 secrets to being a good liar," "5 countries with no extradition," and "Percentage of bail jumpers caught," a Suffolk County judge State Supreme Court Justice Fernando Comacho told Ludwick that no amount of money could guarantee the developer would show up at trial, Hamptons news site, reported. "When I set bail at $1 million, I never contemplated the possibilities heard here today," he said.


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  • Sean Ludwick, Manhattan developer charged in fatal D...

    Wednesday Jan 20 | via Newsday 

    Sean Ludwick, 42, is seen at First District court in Central Islip on Jan. 4, 2016. Photo Credit: James Carbone The Manhattan real estate developer charged with killing his friend while driving drunk has had his $1 million bail revoked in the wake of accusations that he tried to buy a boat in Puerto Rico and flee to South America.


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  • Prosecutor: Exec Charged in Fatal Crash Tried to Fle...

    Wednesday Jan 20 | via ABC News 

    Authorities say a New York City real estate executive facing vehicular homicide and drunken driving charges over a fatal crash in the Hamptons tried to flee to South America. A spokesman for the Suffolk County district attorney says Sean Ludwick was apprehended on Tuesday in Sag Harbor, New York.


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  • Sean Ludwick arrested for allegedly plotting to flee US

    Wednesday Jan 20 | via The Real Deal 

    Sean Ludwick, the developer charged with vehicular homicide in the death of a Douglas Elliman broker, was arrested Tuesday after authorities foiled his attempt to allegedly flee the U.S. The BlackHouse Development chief was nabbed by federal marshals Tuesday at his Bridgehampton home, the New York Post reported, after plotting an escape to South America while on vacation in Puerto Rico. He appeared in Suffolk County court Wednesday, where his $1 million bond was revoked, the newspaper reported.


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  • ICYMI: DA Says Sean Ludwick Moved Paul Hansen's Body...

    Saturday Jan 9 | via 

    Sean Ludwick, a New York City real estate developer, who is charged in fatal hit-and-run crash in Sag Harbor last summer, moved the body of his passenger, Paul Hansen, after the crash, leaving Hansen to die just feet from the driveway of his home, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said Monday. Ludwick pleaded not guilty to a 13-count indictment with charges including aggravated vehicular homicide at his arraignment on Monday, according to the DA.


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  • Sean Ludwick Pleads Not Guilty to 13 Count Indictmen...

    Jan 5, 2016 | via 

    Sean Ludwick, a New York City real estate developer who was arrested after a fatal hit-and-run crash in Sag Harbor last summer, plead not guilty to a 13 count indictment with charges including aggravated vehicular homicide at his arraignment on Monday, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota. Suffolk County District Attorney Vehicular Crimes Bureau Chief John Scott Prudenti told Justice Fernando Camacho that Ludwick's blood had a BAC of .18 percent four hours after the August 30 crash that killed his passenger 53-year-old Paul Hansen, of Sag Harbor, according to the DA.


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  • Real estate exec faces upgraded charges in Hamptons ...

    Jan 4, 2016 | via WCAX-TV Burlington 

    A New York City real estate executive is facing upgraded charges in a hit-and-run car crash in the Hamptons this summer that killed a passenger. Suffolk County prosecutors say Sean Ludwick pleaded not guilty Monday to a 13 count indictment charging him with aggravated vehicular homicide, driving while intoxicated and other crimes.


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Sag Harbor Law

How do I get my car out of forfeiture hearing after DWI arrest in Long Island?
I was arrested for DWI in Nassau county. No accident and it's my first offense. I blew .14. The DA is trying to keep my car. Is the da successful in these hearings? What do I need to show or argue at the krimstock hearing? I am hiring a lawyer for the criminal charges but he said it would be another fee to handle the civil hearing. Any advice is appreciated.
Sometimes you can work out a deal and "buy" your car back. I think there are guidelines for when the seek forfeiture so...
Am I able to establish residence in a state without a lifetime look back period for drivers and become licensed?
I have 5 dwi convictions, only 1 of which is in the past 10 years. All my convictions are in N.Y., where I'm considered a persistently dangerous driver and ineligible for a license. I have since gotten sober and with to continue rebuilding my life and be a productive member of society. I am however finding it extremely hard to find gainful employment without a drivers license, not to mention a felony record.
Theoretically yes. If you move, you will have to contact that State's DMV and find out what you need to do, or if you...
My friend's car was impounded following at arrest for drunk driving in NYS but is likely to get the car back?
My friend was arrested for driving while intoxicated and blew a 0.09 at the precinct a little over a week ago. He was released the next day as it was his first offense. He was driving a friends car however and it is impounded in Nassau County. He went to the court once after the arrest and he cannot drive for 30 days and has to reappear in court in January. The owner of the car and the driver have to go get the car in about 2 weeks but apparently it is possible to have the car taken away. Is there a good chance for the car to be given back since it was not the drivers car?
There is a strong chance the car will be returned. There is a an innocent owner argument to be made on the owner's side....
Can you travel out of the country on a conditional discharge?
I have been convicted of dwi refusal and sentenced to a conditional discharge. The form which outlines the conditions of my discharge does not specifically mention travel restrictions but does state "follow the instructions of probation department in carrying out these conditions." I have not been assigned a probation officer to direct inquiries to.
Unless the court has given you directions not to travel outside of the country then you should be fine. Also, if you...
Does pre-conviction suspension in a DWAI ruling count towards the mandatory 90 day suspension?
I was arrested for drunk driving back in June in Suffolk County, NY. Long story short, I was ruled with a DWAI as long as i completed 50 hours community service and I'm assuming I must complete the DDP. I finished the service early and I'm waiting to go back to find out the rest. I received my conditional license and I can only do the essentials with that, but I hear I get my license back for 20 days on my next appearance. I was just wondering if the time passed counts towards that 90 day mandatory suspension or if it doesn't start until after I'm convicted, which technically has not happened yet?
No the time that you have been suspended for the suspension pending prosecution does not count toward the mandatory 90...
I have valid passport and in that time I received a class E felony. Two DWI's within 10 years. Will I be able to travel abroad.
I believe this is "unauthorized use of a motor vehicle"
If you are talking about US passport, this question is outside of the scope of this forum,
Unclassified Misdemeanor DWI was not driving was parked 5 mins later as i was exiting car I was arrested after sobriety tests.
I took breath analyzer test pen test walking testing, car was not impounded was not given phone call still have not received property. i have a mental disability asked for medical attention not until four or five hrs later was i taken to hospital cleared me as not intoxicated with blood test. I was asked again at police station to take breath analyzer, i refused i needed medical attention was having severe anxiety panic attacks admitted for 8 days in psych ward were i was put back on my medication as I have chronic bipolar disorder and ADHD.
Do you have a question? It sounds like you have a possible defense that an aggressive defense attorney could work with.