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I went out with friends and drank too much. They dropped me off at my car that was in a parking lot of a Home Depot. I called my best friend and asked her to come get me; she lives about 40 minutes away. I fell asleep and woke up to a fireman knocking on my window. The police came and He explained someone saw me and thought I was hurt and that's why they came. He asked me to do a breathlyser and I told them I would do a blood test. Anyways, I was booked for a DUI, they left my car in the parking lot. Anyway of getting it dismissed since I wasn't driving? I did have a DUI when I was 21, years ago.
I don't know if it will be dismissed, buy you certainly have a defense. Typically the prosecution needs to be able to...
at the scence i was asked if i was on any medication and who my doctor was. my case shows that declaration in support of subeona duces telcum/jsab was filed for my medical records. will/can my past history of alcohol use in my medical records(years ago) be used against me in the case?
Probably not unless alcohol was found in your system but make sure to tell your lawyer about it.
Pleaded guilty, spent 5 nights in jail. was never read my rights. passed the drunk tests but failed breathalyzer. I live in sacramento now and I cant get a hold of them to fix this.
You should consult with an attorney where the DUI occurred. It sounds as though you have already been found guilty by...
My son was arrested for DUI 23152 (E) & 11550(a). He'd used Ecstasy earlier that day & drank while they were out. They left the club & immediately got pulled over for "no headlights". His BAC was 0 but he did test + for Ecstasy (blood). He tried a Motion to Suppress because he felt their "reason" for pulling him over was a lie since his lights are always on auto-mode. Motion was denied & he now has a jury trial set. His PD said he'll have to pay $1300 jury/court fees regardless of whether he wins or loses & that his penalties could be max with like 100 days in jail etc. He is now considering taking their plea of 'minimum DUI': 10 days jail, 1 yr suspension, 18 MONTHS DUI classes, & dropping the 11550(a). Is this charge something worth fighting? Don't they have to "prove" he was impaired??
It would be great to get the 11550 dismissed, as it carries aMANDATORY minimum of 90 days in jail just on its own, and...
Have not been in trouble since other then seems like every 6or seven years i get a driving on supended lic realy just drive back and forth to work. Please help
Sorry, but you are out of luck. DMV will require you to complete the program before reissuing a license.
Classes are competed I missed days due to not knowing I missed an exit interview so I had to repay 351 for a 10 minute meeting
I think it's about time you hired a defense lawyer to represent you.
I'm 6 months pregnant and found out I have a no bail warrant. I haven't violated my probation in anyway. Although I haven't paid for a few months. Can I go in and pay the full amount without having to turn myself in? If not how long will they hold me for?
You're pregnant so why risk jail. Many judges won't use the pregnancy as a mitigating factor because their reasoning...