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How do i get confirmation that dui was expunged?
I got my dui expunged a few years ago in california. I lost any record I might of had saying that this was done. I just want to find a place where I can get a letter saying it was done.
You can find out by calling the clerk of the court. You can also get a copy of your criminal history by following...
What are California's laws on marijuana while pregnant?
I'm 30 week pregnant and have my medical marijuana card. My doctors office told me that they drug tested me, found marijuana in my system and reported it to CPS. I was not aware they were going to be drug testing me nor did I give consent. Now when I give birth CPS has a case against me. I don't understand if doctors offices are permitted to drug testing without my knowledge and even so, marijuana is legal now and I have my medical card. I'm concerned about CPS being involved. I'm not a heavy user and use only when needed. I'm just wondering what the specific laws are that are involved with marijuana and pregnancy, and also if doctors are allowed to drug test without consent?
I think that your question is misplaced here on a DUI practice area. However, you may be well advised to discuss this...
Should I withdrawal a DUI-no contest plea after feeling bullied and ignored by my lawyer?
I recently plead no contest to a DUI charge. I spoke with my lawyer one time for a few minutes and paid him in full, as he supposedly per his website, would not be bullied by the DA. For two months he never discussed my case. The case was supposed to be continued and then the day before court I was told to meet him for the first time. He acted as if he was just learning my case saying he did not know aspects that were in the discovery, it was adversarial at best. He said if I did not settle today I could go to jail. I am upset I did not fire him and get a new attorney as I called and texted him over twenty times requesting to speak with him before court to be prepared. I felt bullied, attacked, he yelled and negatively discussed my physical appearance which had nothing to do with my DUI case prior to walking into court. I felt there was no effort put into my case. Should I withdrawal my plea and try to get a lawyer that will advocate for me? As a professional, I advocate for others and just want the same for myself. Thanks.
Sorry to hear about your situation. Note this, once entered you cannot simply withdraw your plea, there are factors to...
Can I beat a money laundering involving drug proceeds charge if I can show a good work history
I was pulled over. The police found a gram of marijuana and $26000 on me
You need to prove where the $26k came from. A good "work history" is a good start, but there's clearly more to this...
I am a permanent resident who got a dui twenty years ago. Will traveling outside the US affect me when entering the US.
2 duis twenty years ago. I have had green card for ten years. Will I face any issues while coming back into the US after visiting Mexico under trumps executive orders?
As long as you mentioned the DUIs when you got the greencard, you should be fine.
Will I need an I.I.D. device if I sent in the year suspension of my licence?
I was convicted of mis. DUI with injury but thought my year suspension was so I elected to op out off the I.I.D but was informed a year later that was just my court penalty. Called the C.A DMV and signed a new year suspension of my motor vehicle licence will that finish my dues I've already done my classes
That should satisfy the requirement. I take it you filed out paperwork with DMV that you want to ride out the interlock...
Got a DUI in 2013 and filling N-400 form.
I am filling N-4oo form and need to know answere to questions 22 - 27
As long as no longer under any type of probation, having had a DUI conviction does not disqualify you from applying for...