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I've got 4 days until my court's been put off 2×`s.I need more time to come up with my lawyer fee.can i get more time?
I'm charged with dui/3 & resisting arrest (Both felonies) I did not resist & i only drank 1/beer before leaving my house.I asked for a breathalyzer or a fields sobriety test but he denied my request because i wouldn't let em take blood. I didn't know i would be charged atamaticly.
Sorry to hear about your situation. Most judges will not grant another continuance for you to come up with fees....
You could easily be seen as a habitual offender for the driving without licenses. The DUI is serious by itself. If its...
DUI attorney
I got stopped at the hospital where I lived in May, went into the hospital to see about a severely abcessed tooth. It was early morning and I had been drinking. I drove over 14 miles to the hospital when a cop at the hospital followed me inside and engaged me. He then asked me to take the normal DUI tests which I did and failed. I never got seen at the hospital. I was taken to jail and sent to a cell. I was then brought to an adjacent cell where I stupidly gave blood. The was on Mothers day. The next day I was bailed out and went home. This case has yet to be determined. Here is the kicker on which I think I can beat it on. I was not arraigned for 3 weeks from my arrest date because the judge had hip surgery. From my understanding I still have to be arraigned in a timely manner (48-72 hour
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
Can you get a dui off your record?
I received a dui in Tennessee. I had a Maryland cdl. I would like to get my cdl back. Can I get the dui charge sealed or expunged?
Highly unlikely even through expungement.
I had a second dui that was dropped to a first on the seventh of October and was given a court order to do 3 public work days .
Plius ten consecutive Sundays in jail that was the court order I was given, today my lawyer calls me. and tells me I need to go and get on a alcohol moniter or they could hold indefinitely is that possible.
It certainly is. Call your attorney up and discuss it with him if you have questions or doubts. Best of luck to you.
I live in TN, can I resolve 2 DUI's from another state without traveling to it. Someone used my name. Identity theft.
Never been to Kansas before. Never had enough resources to take care of it. Thank you.
Doubtful to resolve anything remotely... I would suggest get an attorney or at least notify the authorities making a...
Can I sue the state for a false DUI arrest which cost me my job (ClassA CDL) & can I sue the company for false termination?
9-26-13 arrested for DUI on my prescription meds. Took officer about 30 mins to arrest me after roadside soberity test. I submitted a blood sample. Finally in Sept. of 2015 blood test came back but courts said they never received test results till May of 2015! After more postponements the case was dismissed Sept 2, 2015! Blood sample results were well below therapeutic levels & nothing illegal n my system. Also because of this my company terminated me on 9-27-14. False termination?
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....