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Received a dui citation while sitting at home based on an indidual call to the sherrifs is it legal?
Did not do a breath or blood test. Spoke with a public defender and she told me to not believe what this individual said. I have not received the complaint information yet. Reveived a notice for license supenstion as well, should I request for hearing? I would think so. What do I do now?
To prove any crime, be it murder, robbery, or dui, the government must be able to prove that the accused committed the...
What happens when you get a citation for a DUI and the officer forgets to keep a copy of it?
Also, do I by law have to have my fingerprints and photo taken again because the machine was working?
It may mean that the officer has no record of that particular arrest, however, if he discovers it and wants to check...
What do you think about my case.. what is the better option for me?
arrested for a light on the car.. i said i was coming back from a concerrt a a litttle drink.. the ask me to get out and do the test.. i blew 0.11 .. i just give them my passeport.. never received tickect.. i found it weird. I call the commissioner of motor vehicule to have a hearing and they didnt even got me in the system. what do i do .. what is best for me. its my first violation in life so im a little confused and its not my country so im lost a bit thx
If you have not been issued a ticket, there does not appear to be anything to worry about at this point. If you do...
I was given 10 days work crew for a C & N driving charge but I'm disabled with cardiac issues. What can be done?
I plead guilty to C&N driving on suspended license. Bear in mind I was not pulled over nor was I even seen in a vehicle by anyone/police. I'm legally disabled & was given 10 days work crew. Can I just go & do the 10 days in jail?
Ask your Attorney surely you can do the jail time. None of us lawyers have your case so our guesses will not help
My friend violated his furlough for DUI #6 in Vt. Will he have to finish out his sentence in jail?
My friend was convicted of DUI#6 in VT last year. He was out on probation for DUI #5 when he did so. He was sentenced from 3 months to 3 years of furlough. He is supervised by Probation and Parole now. Long story short, he violated the terms of his release by neglecting to attend his court ordered group meeting. HIs parole officer then came to his residence and he was under the influence of alcohol at the time. This is not his first violation either. Will he be incarcerated for the rest of his sentence, or is there the possibility he gets out on supervision with ankle monitors, etc. He has been under strict supervision before and he never is successful. Will he do the time in prison now is my question. He goes in front of parole board next week. Thank you!
When you violate furlough, the sanction is determined by DOC (as opposed to the Judge, who sentences a person that has...
If arrested for not blowing roadside test
I was parked, looking at my phone trying to find my motel. short story I had beer n the car and was asked to take a sobriety test and failed as does everyone, I would not blow the roadside and was arrested my rental car towed I was transported to the police station I was not mirandized or given a phone call. I never was asked to take a chemical breath test, urine, or blood test. I was then put in Volusia county jail for two days to see the judge who set my bail at 5000 for 1000 fine if convicted. I had to pay 3500 to a bonds man in Vermont to get out of jail. I had to hire lawyer in Florida to represent me 1000 retainer 250 an hour. what I want to ask is can I sue for the money that it cost me to be locked up on the fact of my civil rights were violated.
Everybody fails a sobriety test ????????????hmm interesting will have to disagree. Perhaps but don't see any civil...
Can I get a 11 year to 11 years for a DWI 3?
3rd dwi
This is a DUI question, not a sex crimes question. I changed the practice area so you will get DUI attorneys to answer...