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He's a pill user and alcoholic He is a convicted felon
You may need to add some information to this question. If you have the car, then it sounds like he can have access to...
He has 2 DUI , alcoholic and pill user
This is a family law question since you both own the car. Sorry, didn't understand the question.
A bench warrant was issued when I missed the court date, although my counselor at the residential rehab I was in at the time wrote and faxed a letter to the court explaining why I could not be in court. Is that bench warrant still active?
Call the clerk of court or the Sheriffs department warrants division. If it was not cleared it is probably still active.
My husband was recently arrested for DWI. He has a previous conviction from 2006 but he used his article 894 to expunge the matter from his record. I was wondering if he will be charged with second offense DWI even though he had the last matter expunged? If so, what are the consequences he is looking at?
If the case has truly been 'expunged' then this will likely result in a first offense charge. That doesn't mean that...
I got arrested for a dwi back in June and my license was suspended in October now I can get a hardship license for 3 weeks and pay 125 for it or just wait until January 29 until I can get my regular license back. My question is, if I wait to get my regular license do I have to use a SR22 form to get them? Oh, and I have only had my arraignment for my charges. It's a strong possibility my lawyer is going to keep pushing back my case
You need to contact an attorney in LA, but, the DMV can require you to jump through hoops like SR22 insurance policies....
What will happen when my 2 years is up I've done my anger management classes and I pay and see my po every month on time
Get your GED. I would not think your jail time or anger management classes will prevent this at all. Good luck to you.