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Are there sentencing alternatives in Warren PA for 3rd dui with 10 years. Highest limit.
Third dui within 10 years. .24 bac. I have a one year old and a three year old. Hold a management job. Financially support my family. Own my own home. It's been 7 years since my last. I have priors including a felony for supposedly spitting on a cop. I have recently started drinking alot due to depression and anxiety because my fiance of 5 years left me. I have been to the er and family doctor because of my concern with my recent drinking. Have been prescribed anxiety and depression medication. I'm on a waiting list for therapy and counselling.
Your circumstances may help but you are in mandatory sentencing territory. 2 things: Hire an attorney if you have not...
If DUI checkpoint is deemed unconstitutional after the TRIAL stage, will an appeal for crim.proceeding be denied for thisreason?
a person is found guilty of a drug possession charge at trial and given 1 yr probation. after the trial the person files an appeal immediately because he/she finds out that the DUI Checkpoint that prompted a search of a vehicle was unlawful because all the criteria for a legal Checkpoint were not met. Later he is told that the information should have been presented at the preliminary stage and trial is too late, possibly resulting in a denied appeal. This did not set right with me because it shouldn't matter when info is discovered and presented, the fact that criteria was not met for a legal checkpoint and presented shouldn't hinder the appeal.
Well, personally there are plenty of things that legally "don't sit right with me" including the fact a juvenile, as...
I am being charged with DUI with a child passenger, M1
This is my first time being in trouble and I know that my license is going to be suspended, but for how long?
You need to be concerned with more serious consequences like possible jail time. I'm not sure how PA treats these...
Are fines all the same with ARD?
I got a DUI recently and my breathalizer was .152. I haven't gotten my blood results back yet, so it may be higher or lower than that. Maybe. Anyways, for ARD since there are three levels to that, would the fines and probation be the same for all levels of BAC? I know the third tier is 60 day license suspension and the second tier is 30 days, but are the fines for highest rate the same as for high rate? I am just wondering how much my fines will be. The results could stay at .152, so what could I be looking at in terms of probation time and fines? I know probation for the general impairment tier is 6 months and the highest rate is 12 months, but how long would the second tier be? I can't find much information on that. This is all for the ARD tiers. Any help would be great.
Every county has its own elected District Attorney who decides what the parameters of the ARD program are. You should...
Can I get my alcohol limit reduced in a DUI?
I was charged with a DUI a few weeks ago. I have gotten my paper work in the mail and my blood results were a .20, my breathalyzer was .15. I know I was way over the limit and was in the wrong. This is my first DUI. My question is can I get my DUI lowered to the middle level DUI instead of having it be the third level? A friend of mine had her limit lowered and I asked the public defender about it, and he said they don't do that in my county. I am worried about the fines and was hoping I could get it down a bit so my fines would be a little less. I have ARD papers to turn in but I wanted to ask around about this first. Thanks in advance. I live in Warren County, PA. I had thought about fighting it at first, since my keys weren't in the ignition. I was sitting behind the wheel though.
Sorry, but if you are currently represented by a public defender, t is unethical for another attorney to offer...
Can u get a dui when the police did not see u drive?
we have been fighting w/ the neighbors 4 years, when my husband was out back drinking with his friends the neighbor called the police and stated he was driving irratically. he did drive to our dumpsters 1-2 hrs prior to the police arriving but not when the neighbor said. and our driveway in our trailor park is SO bad that you can not drive fast. it is a uncared for dirt driveway how can they give him a DUI on the basis the neighbor said he was driving when everyone else was knew he wasnt?
Generally, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person was driving, operating or in physical...
Can a police officer arrest you for dui when you were inside a residence for hours?
the officer did not witness the vehicle being driven but approx 3 hours later, knocked on the door at the residence and arrested the person for dui. Is that legal?
As I am not licensed to practice in the state of Pennsylvania, my answer is based on general legal principles. For a...