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In minnesota can they take your license for dui on a boat?
my friend was arrested for dwi on a boat and I noticed he was charged with a 3rd degree dwi. he does have another dwi from 2002. I've read that if this is your first offense you will not get your license taken away because it was on a boat. Does his first dwi count for that or will he still lose his license?
Why was he charged with 3rd degree if his prior was in 2002? Did he refuse? test over .20? have a kid under 16 on...
I applied for my permit to carry a pistol. Can a dwi be grounds for a denial?
I accepted a plea for a dwi refusal to a chemical test gross misdemeanor but its not final I'm still waiting to go to court and officially accept it. I'm want to know two things will my probation prohibit me from the use of firearms? and is anything dwi related been known to pose an issue when it comes to obtaining a ccw? Have there been other cases similar to mine and what was the out come? Thank you for your time
The answers should be No, and No, BUT: have you asked your atty. these Q's.??? You DO have an atty. for this case , right?
My husband was stoped for dui and read that inhaling albuteral sulfate for his asthma can effect breath test do we have a case
He used his nebulizer shotly before being stoped they said his breath test showed .o8 after 2 hours not sure what it was on site he said they did not test him again after 2 hour but as soon as he got to the station. they also tested me to make sure I was ok to drive ant the breatalizer would not work right just after they used it to test him. he was drinking but I did not think he was even close to being drunk
You cite a reasonable explanation that certain legitimate medical compounds may affect one's driving ability. I suggest...
Is it worth fighting in court?
I was in a bad accident with four friends rolling an S10 into a river, I was issued a ticket for minor in consumption that night and failure to use a seatbelt. The officer never asked for ID, just my name, and spelled it wrong on the ticke that was issued to me. I was never on video, or showed any form of ID.
I am uncertain what your question may be. If you wish to know whether the typographical errors on the ticket somehow...
If a car is forfeited, is there a way for the owner to get the property back that was inside?
BF was jumped while waiting to sober up and drive home. Got injured. Was getting his car vandalized. Drove his car out of parking ramp and across road to parking lot to safety because he couldn't defend himself with his injuries. Locked it up. Walked away and called the cops. Attacker came back and attacked again. BF got brought in for a DWI after he went to the hospital. He cooperated the whole time even though he felt like he was being treated like a criminal and then refused a blood test because he already gave them everything else. He did not know this meant forfeiture of his car. He has a lot of belonging in the car though... Thank you!
Yes you can make an appointment through the police to get personal belongings out of the vehicle. From these facts...
If I got a DUI in Arizona, and I am going to trail for it. If I am found guilty what will Minnesota do to me for the punishment
Will I have to get a interlock in my car in Minnesota?? Please help. Arizona DMV already took my driver's license away for the 90 days. The DUI took place 4th of July 2014. Trial is August 4, 2015.
That will depend on what your test results were, if any, and how many prior offenses you have. Best to contact an...
Does a sheriff need your I.d and insurance information on site ? dui? car accident?
Got arrested two weekends ago, blew a .09 after crashing my car and totaling it, didn't get asked for my drivers license or insurance info, but now the sheriff is asking for it through email? do i give it to him? isn't that unprofessional? also I blew a .07 45 minutes later at the station, I am not making any excuses for my actions, BUT i have a clean driving record prior, no tickets no NOTHING. I drank, 3 beers and 2 shots of vodka, and got extremely ill which is unlike me, got sick, and honestly just wanted to go home, 5 minutes from my house, fell asleep and then crashed my car, is there any way to even handle this, would a public defender even be able to help? I NEED ADVICE.
Do yourself a favor and get an attorney right now. AVVO, the state bar, and other websites will help you find a DUI...