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Dui charge
Hello, my husband recently was charged with the dui that happened over a year ago, no blood was taken only breath test that showed nothing, also that was a minor car accident, he was arrested at that time for a warrant on a dui from 2007 and served his time, now bucks county claiming that they have metabolite evidence of alcohol and drugs. Help.. The only blood that was taking from him was at the Philadelphia prison, which is mandatory when you are sentenced or booked. Are they allowed to use this as evidence???? How can we fight this.... Need legal advise please
I am unaware of mandatory blood testing for probation violations or for being booked into a County prison. Recently,...
Does a DUI show up on my record after 10 years?
I received my second DUI in Florida after receiving a first offense in PA just over 10 years ago. When they ran my record the first DUI offense from PA showed up. From my understanding that after 10 years the DUI would be expunged. I was wondering if this is true and maybe because it was on the 10th year it was discovered. I also read of a new law going into effect in November that records can be sealed after 10 years in PA. If there was a possibility it will be removed or sealed would it be a legitimate defense after they already discovered it. Could I possibly request the DA to recheck my criminal history in the hopes that it doesn't show up the second time? Or maybe bring my own sealed documents to prove that is no longer on my criminal record?
If you received ARD in Pennsylvania for the first DUI you are eligible for an expungement. However, this does not...
My husband was charged with dui two weeks ago, for a pull over over a year ago, how is that possible??
He was not charged for a dui back on may 2015, but was arrested for warrant that he served. On his record there is a dui for 2003 and 2007. When he was arrested on may of 2015 he served his second dui for 2007. He spent 6 month in jail. Now bucks county is charging him with a dui for may of 2015. How is that possible? Will this dui be considered his third if convicted or second??? Please help!!!!
Bucks County's crime lab has been a mess lately especially in cases where drugs are involved. It is not unusual for...
I got a dui a few year back it was my first one will the online classes work the same as to going to a place
I got into a car accident I paid all my restitution officei have this dui classes to take.i was under the alcohol level but my marijuana levels where very high. So I got my first dui haven't had another one since but this dui classes are in the way and I am wondering if I could take the online classes instead of going to livengrin
No you can't - you'll need to attend in person.
I got my permit suspended awhile ago for 3 months i waited 3 months then they suspended it again
I waited the 3 months then took it twice failed it both times. i finally passed it and they told me i didn't serve the suspension. i waited exactly 3 months from my birthday. so now i have to wait another 3 months to get my permit. the judge or anyone never told me i had to get it formally started.
This sounds correct if you did not send to penndot your credentials. Your lawyer is the best person to answer this...
PA, Bucks County. Driving under DUI suspension, chances of house arrest or better?
Was on ARD for first offense DUI, judge worked with me on it but we came to conclusion id never get off because I couldn't afford the fees to get off and license bag due to not being able to legally drive. I was pulled over for allegedly driving under dui suspension, when I was selling the car to pay fees. Officer let me drive away after explaining, but did issue a citation for driving under dui suspension. I understand there is a mandatory minimum of 60-90 days incarceration. This case is in three days at district court. I need time to get funds for a lawyer, will I get time if sentenced to arrange affairs if jail happens, can I get house arrest as I pay child support and have a very good job I've acquired in the past 8 months and do not want to lose it, and can a lawyer hep with this at all? Car was literally sold right after, and no vehicle owned, not sure if this can help or not?
You are wise to appear before the DJ with an attorney. If you cannot afford counsel, then submit an application to the...
Please advise if there is a statue Of limitations on a dui
I was arrested 9/9/2014 for a dui. However I was in my vehicle with an open container however the truck broke down and I was sleep in the vehicle because it was not operational. The police had to physically push the truck to my auto repair man shop which I was parked across from. The police never witness me driving nor did anyone report I was driving just that I was sleep in the car. I was fleeing from a domestic alterations and the drunk broke down. The police admitted to forgetting to file chargers and file over a year later. What can I do? ???
Get an attorney. Fight the case. Statute of limitations on a DUI is two years. They do have a time limit on filing...