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I live in NJ. I am facing a DWI charge in PA. If I loss my license in PA will I also loss in NJ?
I had a BAL of .126
Both PA and NJ are part of the interstate drivers license compact so you would probably be suspended here as well....
IDRC in New Jersey, DUI laws in New Jersey
i want to know if the idrc in nj can bring a dwi that occurred 23 years ago and say i didnt comply after i got my dl back AFTER completing?
You need to be able to provide proof that you succesfully completed the program. If you are unable to do so you need...
I have no car for interlock device during suspension period?
I am half way done with my license suspension for a DUI in NJ. I was reading through my paperwork and noticed that not only must I have an interlock device for one year after my license is restored (ok) but also during my suspension period... But I have had no vehicle since my suspension began last year. What do I do? Will this be a violation although next year if I do get a car , have the device installed and approved by the MVC,will they still reinstate my license?
The MVC will want to see proof of interlock installation before they will allow you to get your license back. So it...
When does DUI related suspension end?
I received a 7 month loss of license for a first DUI the end of January. I also got caught driving while being suspended for a first DUI 39:3-40(f)(2). Initially if I didn't get caught the DWS ticket, I was eligible to be restored for the DUI the beginning of September 2016. My question is when the DUI related suspension expires the end of September, what would happen if I got caught driving again while being suspended? Would it only be a "plain vanilla" DWS 39:3-40, or would I be subject to indictment under 2C:40-26?
Don't get caught driving while suspended because you must be smart enough not to drive if your suspended. Even if your...
What penalty can l expect in the following case?
I just got a dui in jersey. I live in pa. My prior dui was 9 yrs 11 months ago. The other one was 19 yrs ago. Both in pa.
Unfortunately it sounds like it would be a 2nd or 3rd offense for NJ purposes. But more information is needed such as...
Is there any possibility to downgrade a first driving while suspended for DUI on a first DUI, or a way to beat the charge?
Got caught driving on a dui related suspension in evesham twp on 05/10/2016. This is my 39-3-40 on the dui, and it is my first ever dui. I pleaded guilty to the DUI in Gloucester county superior court judge allen-jackson on 02/01/2016. I believe I was stopped because of the automatic license plate reader (ALPR) technology as this municipality has a notorious reputation of using this technology and for being tough. When informed I was being stopped because I was coming up as suspended, I pleaded with the officer, and was honest with why I was suspended and said I only go to and from work. He gave me a summons of 39-3-40 and 39-4-81 because he claimed I ran a red light. I have court in about two weeks in evesham twp municipal court. I have read some other avvo posts about similar situations, but I never read a case where an attorney was able to possibly negotiate a downgrade to say 39-3-10 unlicensed driver. Is this possible at all? so far from what I've read, all attorneys seem to advise is to recommend using an attorney and the harsh penalties associated with being convicted of driving while being a dui suspended driver.
I am a little confused. first off, do not discuss your case on the internet in such detail. second, are you concerned...
Can a dismissed assault charge and recent DUI conviction affect an adoption?
After having sole custody of a family members child since birth 6 years later I am now filing for adoption and termination of parental rights, but I do believe an assault charge that was dismissed many years ago, a DUI 1st offense around 2012 and 2nd DUI charge more recently will show up on my background check and ruin my chances of adoption. Biological parents are currently incarcerated and have a history with drug abuse and domestic violence. Thank you for your time!
What you tell us is that you got DUIs even when this child was already in your custody. I would suggest a lawyer to...