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If marijuana becomes legalized for recreational use during my probationary period in 2018, is it ok for me to smoke?
i was given a conditional discharge, 7 months license suspension, and one year unsupervised probation.
Maybe. It depends if the law applies only from the date it becomes legal then probably not. I do not know how the law,...
On a conditional discharge, does drug testing/ urine sample test for alcohol... should i refrain from drinking?
i was give a conditional discharge, 1 yr unsupervised probation, and 7 month licence suspension.
You are prohibited from ingesting illegal substances. Alcohol is legal.
Can I get a DUI expunged?
I've been sober for 11 yrs but prior to that I received 4 DUIs. If Gov Christie signs Bill 3307 for expungement of drug offenses, since alcohol is considered a drug, would I be eligible for expungement?
Based on my brief review of the most recent draft of this legislation, there does not seem to be a provision for...
Why have I only been tested once on conditional discharge?
I got conditional discharge for a small amount of weed and I am under a month away from the probation being over. Why have they only tested me once so far during this whole probation? Is there suppose to be a set amount of times they test when you're on conditional discharge?
Are you upset they didn't test you? If so, Why? What do you care if probation doesn't make you submit to drug tests?
Does someone's work release days get subtracted from a year's sentence after the 180 days is completed for multiple DUIs?
My son is in the county jail with a 350 day sentence. He has been working in the work release program since he entered the jail. They told him those days would be subtracted from the end of his sentence after he completed the mandatory 180 days for the multiple DUIs. The second part of the sentence was for third degree child endangerment. Will all these days be subtracted from his sentence once he finishes the 180 days. He is worried that these days will not be subtracted from his sentence since he did them during the first 180 days.
Generally speaking these are questions that those in charge of the jail would be able to answer. Yes, he should get...
I too am a first offender and ordered to do the assessment. I'm panicking because i haven't drank in four months.?
Bac is not admittable that's how I got three months. Just nervous I have only three weeks till I get my license back. im 41 and first offense
Good job. Keep it up. Sounds like you're on the right track.
Justice should be served!
I understand this isn't my problem or issue but would like to see justice and have this defendant be faced with 1 year suspended license, fines of 300-1000$, 3 year DMV $250 surcharge, 9 insurance points and community service. This is a very serious offense in NJ. WHy should she get only minimal fines?
Your best option is to go to court and tell this to the prosecutor, but they will listen but don't have to follow your...