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I received a DUI January 5, 2011 and they had cancelled my other court dates. I now have a jury trial scheduled for January 30, 2014, which is 3 years 25 days after I received the dui. Just wondering if there was a time limit to prosecute misdemeanors? This is my second offense.
With the exception of murder, there is always a time limit. That time limit depends on a number of facts besides when...
I refused the test, not knowing it meant a year of ignition interlock.
No. Twelve months is the mandatory statutory minimum.
it has been six and a half years since the first owi.
A second offense OWI is a misdemeanor, so if the case is charged as a second offense, you will most likely be required...
the car, i explained that i wasnt driving, at that time the off took me in to the hospital, drew blood and dropped me off to the county jail. I havent had a dui for over 7 years. Its listed twice along with a refusal to take tests. which is not true. I have witnessess starting from the car left my home, to the store, with the actual (owner) driving plus other witnessess. what can i do?
Get a DUI / DWI lawyer and fight it. Remember to send in the request for the refusal hearing as well. Otherwise you'll...
Didn't, know if cop could make that division I and my attorney agreed cop said no then went back on record guilty because cop said no didn't no if that's label at trial if it is then judge was trying for me it seems and city attorney or should city attorney made that choice not the cop that gave ticket if that fair then life goes on thanks
It is common in a trial setting for the judge to go "off record." Sometimes they will ask if a deal can be done. I've...
blood the delta9thc 11,delta9carboxy 170, and 11-hydroxy delta nine thc 12.they also searched my vechile and foundmore marijuana and paraphinla looking at a fenoly i with intent and possession of pharaphinla. this took place in adams wisconsin
You need a good DUI / OWI / Drunk Driving lawyer. Now. Drunk driving in Wisconsin includes operating with a...
i was recently pulled over for speeding which ended up in a dui. I did have 3 or 4 mgd 64's but did not yhink i was impared at all. breathalyzer showed .10, blood tests came back at .122. We are in the process of opening a new store, 75,000 sq. ft. and have been stripping floors for a week with a chemical called bare bones which contains ethanol and butoxyethanol. I am working 70 hrs a week to make ends meet. Lawyers say I have a good case but I don't have thousands of dollars to hire one. I would just take the dui and pay the fine, but since I had a dui in 1993, if by chance I would ever get another one It would be considered my 3rd offence. please help me
Sorry to butt in from another state.(CA) But, you can't afford not to hire a lawyer, all the consequences you are...