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Taking a breathalizer in your driveway after you were drinking in your house.
I swerved for a deer and rolled my truck. no other vehicles involved. I was shaken up but my phone was dead so i got a ride home(3 miles away) and sent my son to scene to stay with vehicle while I called tow truck. I was shaking and obviously not in my right state of mind from trauma.I drank 3 shots of whiskey to calm down and drank 2 1/2 beers while i was googling tow trucks. A span of maybe 1/2 hour. Than I heard dogs barking and the sheriff showed up. He gave me a breathalizer and i failed. Can he charge me with DUI ? I was not driving and drinking.
Yes, you could be charged. But you have an excellent defense (you drank after the fact). Did you admit to the sheriff...
I got an underage drinking ticket but on the ticket it stated underage 14-16. I am 20. Shouldn't the ticket state 17-20?
Should I fight this?
The error on the ticket will be deemed to be a harmless error if in fact you are under age. Whether you fight it or not...
I am 15 almost getting my temps and i received an underage drinking ticket about two years ago going onto three and my mother
Said she would pay it and i was not allowed to see her at all or communicate eith her and she went to jail and i had always asssumed she paid it but i am just now finding out that she did not and i was wondering if there would be driving consequences
There may be. You can check with the DMV to see whether your license is suspended.
I was taken in for owi but they did not give me a ticket. will they mail it?
they towed my car and gave me a breathalyzer, etc. cop didn't state his reason for stopping me in the first place. i wasn't picked up by family for hours later and no one gave me any paperwork when I left. will they be mailing it or what's up? I have no idea what's going on.
you will receive your summons in the mail.
Can the IID requirement time be reduced by a judge after conviction?
I was convicted 3 years ago for my 3rd dui. I plea bargained for 2 years probation and 30 months of iid along with 3000 dollar fine. I did the first 2 years of probation with no violations only I wasn't able to pay anything on my fine as i was unemployed and pounding the pavement for a job. I am currently employed and been paying 200 a month to my PO on my fine and currently bought a car with the SR-22 insurance. Is it possible to get the 30 months reduced to lower time frame or is that the mandatory length for said offence. My bac. was .24
As part of your sentence, the IID order length can't be shortened unless there are grounds to modify the sentence....
Intoxicated in small clames court
is there anything i can do if the person that is suing me is drunk in court i am being sued for my car and the person that is suing is always drunk i am wondering if there is any thing i can do if he is drunk during court
You don't need to do anything. The court will see that he is drunk.
Fleeing or Eluding an officer. Public defender or Lawyer??
I got the fleeing charge with an OWI. I was speeding down the road and the cop followed me.. i never saw his lights. When i did i pulled over. i was charged with fleeing due to the speed and the mile and a half i drove without pulling over. So I would think this would mostly fall under the charge of the OWI. I have done all the assesments and classes and fines. I have quit drinking and driving.. I plan on pleaing Not Guilty. I dont have much money and cannot get a felony!! i just got a great new job.. Will what i have be enough to get by with a public defender, or will i need a lawyer??
Public Defenders are real lawyers. They all went to law school and took a bar exam and passed it to be able to...