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I was pulled over for a dui and I was wondering if I will go to jail?
Hello I was pulled over for dui and I blew a .15 I was taken to jail for the night and now out on bond for $100. It is my first offense I am about graduate college early and I have never been involved with the law my entire life. I'm so scared to go back to jail ever again. Would it help my situation if I started to go to AA meetings and alcohol and driving classes before I even go to court? I want to be as pro active as I can so any help would be amazing
That may help, depending on a variety of factors, and whether there was an accident involved, and whether any one was...
How do a Michigan license after a dui in MI with a FL license?
I got a dui in Oakland county with a BAL of .11 I moved to Michigan for work. I never got a mighigan drivers license. From what my probation officer and the secretary of state in MI say is that my suspension is over after today April 7th. The issue is that florida laws dictate that my license is revoked for 180 days to a year. I checked the FL dmv site and it is indeed revoked. So I assume that there is a hold on my license and will be unable to get my MI license. My career is at stake because I soon will not be able to afford paying for a taxi to and from work. I am ok with getting my MI license, I just need some advice on how to get it cleared in FL. Thank you!
Given your license is suspended in FL you won't be able to get a MI License,as Sec of State in MI will check current FL...
Is a person notified by the police or anyone when their blood test comes back negative?
Is one notified of negative blood test results by police or city/county attorney? Or do they just leave the people in limbo?
If the blood test comes back negative for alcohol, the sample will be put back in line, to then be tested for...
I was sentenced to 213 days in jail credit 90 jail days suspended on enrolling in zero tolerance. my end date seems longer?
I should have been given 120 jail days credit but only 90. When I add the total days in zero tolerance it is 107. Who do I call?
Your question is confusing. If you believe you did not get the jail time credit you were due, then you can file a...
Drunk Driving 2nd offense
Is using the defense for drunk driving of weather or not the breathalyser has been calibrated in a timely fashion or at all a defense in a drunk driving case ? This case is in Hazel Park MI.
The defense of a DUI case is highly complex if done by an experienced defense lawyer. The defenses to drunken driving...
Second DUI in Michigan
If you are convicted of 2 DUI's with-in 7 years in Michigan then your license is revoked for a year and you have to go in front of a board to appeal and get a restricted license. So here is my question, my first DUI conviction date was "9/11/2008", and I was just arrested for a second DUI on "8/23/2014" but I have not been convicted yet. If a lawyer was to delay the trial until after "9/11/2015" would this technically mean I fall out of the 7 year timeframe?
No lawyer could delay a trial in district court for a year. You are looking at a mandatory revocation for at least a...
I have a restricted license in Michigan. Can I get an unrestricted license in Colorado?
I have been off probation since Jan 2014 and have had a breathalyzer in my car since May 2013. I am currently going through the process of getting a hearing with Secretary of State, but they keep messing me around. I want to move to Colorado, but keep getting set back by this.
License restrictions tend to follow you from one state to another. My best advice is to get your license fully...