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Got a dui in ar.
not diving at all
Fortunately your post is very vague. Consult a defense attorney immediately; you may have defenses to prosecution....
I got a DWI 1 in Arkansas and was ordered 3 days community service. I am on disability, will I have to do the community service?
I spent 8 hours in jail, was ordered probation, classes, etc along with this community service. I am 56 and the first time I have ever been in any kind of trouble.
Well, you were ordered to do it, so yes. I would highly recommend you try to follow the order, but if the nature of...
I am charged with dwi 2 and can not afford a lawyer. Court is 10/22/2014. Judge said do not come without one.
I asked for court appointed lawyer. He said I can't get one because I bonded out. What can I do?
First, have you called a lawyer to see if you can afford one, or are you assuming you can't? Second call (501) 623-7848...
I have an interlock device on my car and I am having trouble blowing enough air into It. Is there an alternative
Convicted of 2 duis in Florida. Revocation 5 yrs. Live in Arkansas and Florida s giving me a hard time.
If Florida driver control is the issue you will probably need someone licensed down there. When you go in to get...
What is the fine or jail time for driving on suspended licence in a national park
You should check with a local attorney for the consesquences but you my able to reduce your consequences if you get...
How long will my mom be in jail for child endangerment, dui,dwi, hit and run and running from the police
So my mom was Driving while intoxicated and Driving under the influence she hit a tree and then like two light poles while my littlest sister was in the car.. the cops pulled her over and gave her a sobriety test, she didn't pass. So as the cop went back to the car to write her up and take her in she got in the car and drove to my grandmas house where me and my two other siblings were. she had like 5 cops and one helicopter chasing her they finally got her at my grandma's house... she said she didn't want my little sister to go to DHS that's why she did that. but my little sis ended up going anyway.. so how long will my mom get for doing this?!?!
No one can tell you this. These are serious charges; that was serious conduct. A good lawyer will help her. If this is...
Public intox i had a designated driver he wrecked i got a public intox. can i fight this.
me and two friends were riding back from the bar the driver was under the limit the night was foggy and roads were wet. we slid past a stop sign and down into a ravine about 50ft below the road. we are all knocked unconsious i was the last to wake. both of my friends were in front seat i was in back. the front passenger was hurt and bleeding. when the police arrived we were all out of the vehicle already they carried the passenger hurt to the ambulance on a stretcher and her and the driver went to the hospital i had already called my girlfriend to come pick me up. by the time she got ther they had already taken me to jail for public intox. i have witnesses that spoke to her when she showed up to get me. the other two involved in the wreck recieved no ticket. only me. what to do?