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The police advised me not to take a breathalyzer can I have the 180 day loss of license thrown out.
I crashed into a pole I was intoxicated and told the officer that I was. I failed the field test and there was also a witness that stated I was drunk. At the station I read the consent form to take the breathalyzer and checked yes. The officer told me they can't advise me but to check no and get a lawyer. I did as I was told and at court I plead to a continuation without a find. The trouble is instead of losing my license for 45 days I lost it for 45 days plus the 180 for refusing to do the breathalyzer. I drive for a living and after 6 months I will be terminated if I do not have a license. This is my 1st offense and my only traffic violation I have ever had. I don't understand why they would advise me to do this as of now a 20 year career is probably over with a loss of my pension. Is there any way I can get the 180 days thrown out?
get enrolled in the 24 D program--you are eligible for a hardship license three days after you were placed on probation...
What can I do for my daughter that is on her 2nd dui totaled my moms care
I wanted to know if the insurance will cover of my mother's car that she totaled and wasn't on the policy and my mother said she could take it not knowing she had a previous dui and a suspended license? She is in a 28 day detox until her date feb 21 2017. I want to know what to expect with this she is 25 yrs old and I am so frightened for her she is the type to take her life? Her doctor had her on psch pills 4 different types and drank on it.
If your daughter was not listed an an authorized driver on the policy, and your mother voluntarily allowed your...
I was released from the hospital later to my hotel, no bail, no paperwork. 01/4/17, I received a letter from California Highway patrol, stating dui and to send 828.00 by Feb 9. I live in Mass, I had a dui in Georgia in 1993.I am scared to death I can't function.
As soon as possible, you need to consult an experienced attorney in California that handles drunk driving cases. You...
Do I need to complete DUIL and aftercare even if it is not court mandated. I am currently in Vet treatment court.
I am currently in Vet treatment court for a 2nd offense OUI. I do not plan on seeking hardship license. The initial Judge I had vacated DUIL and Aftercare, and sent my case to Veterans court where I am currently serving my probation. I have completed a two week program sponsored by the VA. I don't want any surprises when it is time for me to get my license back.
This is not the place to be asking about your case. You should be asking your lawyer these questions. Every case is...
I got a dui 2012 will I have to take the road test an permit over in mass
I have done all they have asked of me. I'm going to the rmv within a couple of days an have to pay 1000 in renistement.
You can see all the information here:
My probation form says that i am subject to alcohol tests. But it says nothing about drug tests. Am i subject to drug tests?
The box for alcohol tests is checked off, the box for drug test is not. This is on my probation form
The probation form is usually controlling when determining your terms and conditions of probation and what is...
My probation form says that i am subject to alcohol tests. But it says nothing about drug tests. Am i subject to drug tests?
On my probation form, the alcohol testing box is checked off but the box for a random drug test box is not
Duplicate post answer the same ask your probation officer....................