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If I refused a DUI test, do I lose my drivers license?
I don't recall refusing any of the alcohol test. I guess I must have so will I lose my license?
It depends. When you say "DUI Test" do you mean Field Sobreity Tests (FST's), or the Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test...
I have a DUI court case coming up in June, but I am In China... Is there any way I could postpone the court date from here?
East LA Courthouse
No but a private attorney should be able to appear for you if its a misdemeanor
Criminal AB 1759
what exactly does this pertain to in relationship to speeding/reckless driving in Covina, California
It doesn't. It has to do with disaster relief for people who homes were destroyed by fire.
Am I obligated to pay for the instructor's "no show" DUI classes?
I am on the 3 months court ordered DUI program. On 3 occasions the instructor didn't show up, so after 10 minutes the entire group went home with the credit for the class given but also charged for the class as it actually took place as well. Is it up to the facility to decide it or there is some law dictating whether the charges can be applied or not.
I know of no law on the matter. You might check with your attorney. I guess as long as you are getting credit you do...
Is there any way to get credit for past courses for DUI schools?
Back in 1991 I was convicted for my second DUI. Over the last 2 and 1/2 decades I have tried to complete this course. I need to know if there is any way to get credit for my past courses? And is there a way that I can get a restricted license?
You need to go to DMV and get a referral to complete the SB 38 program. But if you never did it, there is probably a...
I'm awaiting a DUI court hearing for next year, however, I was recently arrested for public intoxication. What's going tohappen
Hello. I live in California. A week ago I was driving while intoxicated and was pulled over and received my first DUI. I did not kill anyone and did not cause any accidents. I'm scheduled to appear in court in January of next year. I already hired lawyer. He says that I probably won't receive jail time but I will have to pay several fines and fulfill other requirements. Unfortunately, today I was arrested for being drunk at my weekend job. I did not cause any accidents or problems to anyone. I was not driving when I was at my weekend job. I drove to get to my job, but I was not driving when I was drunk nor when the cop arrested me. The officer arrested me but did not give me a citation or ticket, and did not check my alcohol level. How will this affect my hearing next year?
It could negatively affect the disposition of your DUI. You should fight it. A lawyer will advise you of any...
What are my chances of overcoming my DUI arrest? I was parked on the side of the freeway when officers approached my car.
I went out with friends and had a couple of drinks. My last drink was at 6:45pm. After a couple of hours lapsed I stopped and picked up my son on the way to take a friend home. I then headed home. My drive home is about an hour and a half. I did not get much sleep the previous night and was very tired. On the way home, I decided to pull on the side of the freeway and turn on my emergency lights. My plan was to take a nap, before i headed home, my son was asleep in the back seat. From 11:00pm-12:50am I was asleep until I was awaken by an officer. I did submit to the voluntary breath test (1:35am) before my arrest because i did not think I was over .08. I was subsequently arrested for suspicion of DUI. My blood test was not taken until 3:30am, and I honestly did not feel drunk.
In my experience (19 years to be exact) as a local DUI defense attorney, i find these cases are beatable. Many people...