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  • Lake County chase trial now in the hands of the jury

    Friday Jul 1 | via Daily Herald 

    Prosecutors said Ronald Maas was on a "path of mayhem" and needs to be held accountable for leading police on a three-hour chase in 2014 that resulted in numerous crashes and injuries to innocent bystanders. However, defense attorney Eric Rinehart said the state failed to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Maas, 20, of Ingleside, was intoxicated on alcohol, had ingested heroin and tried to kill a police officer during the chase that started at about 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 13 and lasted until about 2:30 a.m. Nov. 14. "Ronnie Maas is innocent of attempted murder," Rinehart told the 12-member jury during closing arguments Friday afternoon in front of Judge George Strickland.


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  • Trial begins for Ingleside driver charged in police ...

    Jun 28, 2016 | via Daily Herald 

    An Ingleside teen made the "choice" to steal cars while intoxicated in November 2014 that resulted to several crashes and multiple injuries to himself and others, a Lake County prosecutor said Tuesday. However, defense attorney Eric Rinehart said Ronald Mass didn't try to murder anyone, despite the charges filed against him.


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Round Lake Law

What are the chances of getting impounded car $500 fee reimbursed?
There is an administrative hearing scheduled. Car got towed after DUI arrest based on field sobriety tests "results" (stopped for speeding). Blew 0.065 BAC at the station. There is an evidence that field sobriety tests were given under wrong circumstances. Case is going to trial. How likely it is to be considered "wrongly" arrested and get fee back, or is it more likely that police officer was doing everything to serve the community and I should just forget the $500 fee and move on.
You will have a very hard time getting your $500 back.
I got a second drinking ticket and currently in my 6 months supervisionwhat are the consequences that i might get from the judge
i already got 140 fine,10 hours community service and a class from the first one
Your question really depends on what you mean by a "drinking ticket". If you mean an Unlawful Consumption or...
Is SR-22 discontinuation automatic?
When the 3 year requirement has ended, do I need to take proactive steps to contact my insurance company or the state, or does it automatically cease? Can I then go ahead and shop for insurance if I choose to do so without worrying about that requirement any longer? I want to ensure there are no surprises with the SOS as this is the final remnant of an ugly chapter in life. I want to keep everything golden after all the diligence and hard work. Thank you!
Call your carrier and ask to remove the SR22 when it expires. Thereafter, if you wish to shop for cheaper or better...
Does a supervision count as a conviction? ( 2 or more convictions increases reinstatement fee & duration of baiid usage )
DUI conviction. License revoked. All fines and court ordered requirements satisfied. All receipts and certificates of completion in my possession. Driving record indicates 1 supervision for 1983 DUI and 1 conviction for 2015 DUI. Approaching 1 year of revocation and am going for reinstatement.
Supervision is not a conviction. The rest of your facts do not seem to lead up to a question.
Does the Illinois Secretary of State hold the ground to keep my license suspended even after the charges were dropped?
I was convicted of possession of a fake ID in a city in Wisconsin where the charge is just a civil infraction. I however live in Illinois and a few weeks later after the court date, I received a letter from the Illinois Secretary of State saying that my drivers license was suspended. I immediately hired a Wisconsin State attorney and re-opened the case in Wisconsin and in the end got the charges dropped. It has now been 3 weeks since they were dropped and I'm basically just paying a waiting game seeing if the Illinois Secretary of State will re-instate my license. Since the original charges were dropped I believe they have no evidence or reason to keep it suspended. But after reading this ( PDF, it states that a license (for this charge) can be suspended "without conviction". Since this is one of few laws in Illinois "without conviction" is used in, I am really unsure if Secretary of State will give my driver license back.
I would suspect that the Secretary of State suspended you under a law that gives them authority to take action based...
What will likely happen to me when I'ma disabled & cannot afford to pay my fines & now received a revoke supervision letter?
I received a DUI on 2/7/15. I own up to the fact that I did that. There are underlying circumstances that lead e to this. I am disabled with a kidney disease. At the time of my arrest I was suffering from severe kidney stone pain. Actually ended up having surgery a week later. Being that I am disabled. I survive on a fixed income from the government. I have medications that I have to purchase, as well as living expenses & simply cannot afford the fines. I also cannot afford the classes that I am supposed to pay either. I've now received a letter in the mail for a revoke suspension, I'm scared.
We would need a lot more information to advise you. For instance, you say you "own up to the fact." I assume by that...
What can I do to prove that I wasn't drinking? Will I automatically get a letter? What documents should I include in the letter?
Blew a .03 on a baiid leaving for work minutes after gargling mouthwash. I pushed the button to retest and nothing happened so I figured it wouldn't work cause it registered numbers. I stopped my wife as she was leaving so she could get me to work. After my work meeting I read these responses on here and realized I was supposed to keep blowing. I called a cab and got home as soon as I could to blow again and blew 00 but it was 5 hours after first blow. Had the rdp for 9 months and it's my first offense. I I'm level 3 dependent. I haven't had a drink in over 5 years and have a strong support system. I'm expecting a letter from the sos and it seems everyone uses the mouthwash excuse. I take my sobriety serious and I'm worried I won't be believed.
Best to call your lawyer who handled your case to resolve it