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  • Police recover drugs, guns in Lake County gang arrest

    Sunday Nov 8 | via Daily Herald 

    The Lake County Gang Task Force arrested two suspected gang members and recovered illegal drugs, guns and thousands of dollars in cash during an investigation last week, authorities said Sunday. Wayne Mackins, 55, of the 12000 block of Yorkhouse Road in Beach Park, and Eddie M. Calhoun, 36, of the 2100 block of Orchard Lane in Round Lake, each face multiple felony drug charges stemming from the investigation, which began with a Nov. 3 traffic stop, police said.


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Round Lake Law

What are the chances of getting impounded car $500 fee reimbursed?
There is an administrative hearing scheduled. Car got towed after DUI arrest based on field sobriety tests "results" (stopped for speeding). Blew 0.065 BAC at the station. There is an evidence that field sobriety tests were given under wrong circumstances. Case is going to trial. How likely it is to be considered "wrongly" arrested and get fee back, or is it more likely that police officer was doing everything to serve the community and I should just forget the $500 fee and move on.
You will have a very hard time getting your $500 back.
Were my rights violated ?
I was convicted of dui 2003 I got probabtion I am an addict and couldnt stay clean I was ptr'd and sent to jail for 10 day the judge wouldnt let me out untilI tested clean I was usiong cocaine and I know it only takes 3-7 days to come out of system after yhe 7th day they still said my test was notclean my lawyer told the judge at mnext courtdate that this was a violation of my right but the judge said the only way he would release me is i I agreed to license revolk I had 3 small kids at home whom my family was caring for I just feel this was not fair it was my frst dui any advice would be very helpful sincerely, Carolyn
This is an interesting situation. If your original sentence was 10 days, then it should not have been extended unless...
I got a second drinking ticket and currently in my 6 months supervisionwhat are the consequences that i might get from the judge
i already got 140 fine,10 hours community service and a class from the first one
Your question really depends on what you mean by a "drinking ticket". If you mean an Unlawful Consumption or...
What kind of test does the state of Illinois, specifically, Lake County use to test for alcohol while on probation?
1st time DUI offender, have been given 18 months probation, zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs. Will be urine tested, not sure when or how often. I have heard of an eTg test, is this utilized by probation officers in Lake County Illinois or is it it another form of testing?
You will not have to worry about alcohol testing if you stay clean and sober during your probationary period. If you...
Will the Secretary of State accept the explanation that mouthwash caused my BAIID test to fail at startup?
I am classified as level II significant risk and this is my first BAIID violation. I did not retest as I was already late for work so I called a cab that arrived within 5 minutes.
There are a number of factors that can go into whether or not the SOS will accept your explanation including the number...
Lake county supervision.
I am on supervision for a DUI that was dropped to reckless driving. I recently got pulled over for expired plates. On the pepper the courts have me it stated I cannot get any tickets. What should I do? What are the chances they go thru with this ticket?
When you plead gulity or are found guilty to ANY offense and you are placed on Court SUpervision (CS) one of the terms...
DUI advice
I was pulled over on us rt. 41 northbound by park west (it goes down to 40 mph) I was pulled over for speeding (clocked me at 74 mph). Did some field sobriety tests and blew 0.081 and was taken to the station. I was polite and admired to drinking one blue moon and at the station I blew a 0.071. Why did they check the box to suspend my license? And what are the chances I can beat this case?
I wouldn't feel comfortable giving you odds on "beating" the case without more information. Based on what you have...