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DUI Subpoena for a motion post-sentencing
I took a plea for a DUI 1, and received the minimum sentence. Due to the rural area and being on unemployment I have not been able to complete the ADIS (because I have no license to drive to Yakima and no other transportation), or get the IIL installed (the courts denied my financial assistance app). I contacted the judge and asked for the IIL to be reduced because of the hardships (and the strain it could put on my family if I am no longer receiving unemployment past Dec and can't get a job because I don't have a license) or to have the charge reduced to a Wet/Reckless. I received a subpoena to appear in court for a motion hearing. It says the prosecutor will be there, and it says they "cc'd" the subpoena to the officer that pulled me over. What should I expect at this hearing?
Where is your attorney?
Can a judge threaten me with jail time if I haven't been ordered to take an assessment in prior hearings?
As I was going through the process heading up to sentencing for a gross misdemeanor (DUI), at my sentencing hearing (my lawyer was a real piece of work...I wasn't prepared at all), a pro-temp judge threatened to put me in jail, as I had not completed an alcohol assessment. Prior to this hearing, I had never been ordered to attend an assessment. Is that legal? It would seem that if a judge could arbitrarily put me in jail without myself ever having defied an order from the court, that would be coercion and place me under duress. At the time I was contemplating bringing up changing my plea (I was getting screwed pretty hard.) - after being threatened I felt I had no choice but to let them sentence me.
It is impossible for me to say why the Judge wanted to put you in jail for not completeing an assessment. The Judge...
If you are on probation for a DUI, can you be on a jury?
I'm currently on probation while I'm on a deferment for a DUI, and I received a letter that I have been been selected for jury duty. I always thought if you were on a probation you were not allowed to be on a jury.
Being on misdemeanor probation will not prevent you from serving on a jury. Make sure you disclose the case, however,...
DUI, I'm 18 years old, BAC of 0.047, I live in Washington, first time offense
I was driving my car more drunk friend home from a party a mile away to our house and got pulled over and had a 0.047 BAC, what are the consequences? I'm 18 and live ok n Washington and this was a first time offense.
I handle these type of cases all the time. I am from Moses Lake WA and you need to have a consultation with an...
Can an attorney represent me for a probation hearing while I live out of state?
After being charged with a DUI following a (manic episode induced) breathalyzer refusal, I received a Wet Reckless conviction. Following the manic episode leading to this and other arrests, my parents moved me down to CA, to help me seek treatment and support me. I have been living here for about 3 years now, and just recently moved within state, again. Upon calling my PO to tell him of this new address change, he informs me that I was supposed to return to WA after my inpatient treatment(?) and have an active bench warrant out now because of that. I have been paying and calling probation every month for well over two years, so this is news to me. I do not live in WA so I am unclear as to what they want me. Any insight would be invaluable.
On a DUI case, or a Reckless that was amended from a DUI case the court will want you in court 99% of the time in order...
My car was impounded for suspension of dui . I was taken to the county jail to take a Breathalyzer test and blew under.
I had a friend in the passenger seat and was not in the vehicle during time of arrest.
Not sure what your question is, but it appears that you have a lot of good issues that could be raised by a competent...
Can i be placed on probation for 3rd degree dwls
my lic was originally suspended for a dui in clallam co in 2008 which is still under appeal. i got a speeding and a dwls 3 in ellensberg in 2012 at which time i was eligible for reinstatement. i have sense been to court in ellensberg seven or more times twice i have been arrested in the courtroom the second time kept in jail 15 days. i recently paid the court $750.00 (all i owed them) in fines, i have got my lic back and got insurance. now they have called me to come back to court on 11/02/2014 and say they are going to give me five more days. i do not understand and apparently my public defender doesn't either because she tells me nothing. any help would be appreciated. thank you, tammy
No one here is going to have any more information than your public defender. To answer your original question, yes, you...