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I was arrested in Nassau for a Dwi and blew a .21. My vehicle was seized and I was arrested. Is there a way to get my car back?
In April I went on a dinner date and had a few social drink. I didn't make a full stop at the stop sign and the cops pulled me over while dropping my date off. They asked me to do a breathalyzer test and I cooperated. I blew a .21 over the limit. I had a brand new leased car which was seized on the scene (still impounded) and I was arrested overnight. I took went away to rehab on my own. Recently obtained a conditional license. I have a Dwi charge 10.6 years ago on my records but with that one I refused the breathalyzer. Since it was that long ago it makes this second one I was told this second one won't be considered a felony.
Hire an attorney immediately to try and negotiate a settlement or fight the seizure. The fact that its a lease hurts...
Applying to get driver's license back after revocation by NYS DMV for DWI and DUI
Hi: I was arrested for DWI and driving while impaired within 6 months about 4 years ago. I pled guilty, got in-house treatment and outpatient treatment and entered a 12-step program. I have now been sober since the day of my second arrest. The Judge ordered that I be allowed to keep my driver's license, although I had to get an interlock, and sentenced me to 3 years' probation. However, Probation advised me that NYS DMV had suspended my license for 6 months. After that 6 month period was completed, Probation gave me a letter to bring to DMV, recommending that my driver's license be reinstated, with ignition interlock. I brought this to DMV, and was advised that DMV had revoked my license for 5 years. I was told by attorneys that it would cost a lot of money to challenge this, and that I might not be successful. I just completed Probation. My Probation officer recommended that I go to DMV to reapply, and sue if I wasn't given my license back. I am seeking advice on what to do.
My advice for your next step is to call the State DMV in Albany. Local DMV workers sometimes give inconsistent...
Does NY have an "intent to drive" law regarding DUI?
I know that NJ has laws regarding "intent to drive," meaning if your drunk and looks like you were planning on driving then you can get arrested even if the car was not in motion. Does that apply in NY too?
I have never heard of that in NY. The DA has to prove operation of the car - keys in the ignition can be enough.
I was convicted of a felony dwi and I took a plea deal. The officer on the scene illicted a confession that I smoked marijuana
The officer in the scene illicted a confession from me that I smoke pot and drove my car by telling me to tell the truth and I will get to go home. I said no I didn't take any drugs about five or six times before I broke down and admitted I smoke pot and drove my car this was at 6pm. I told him I smoke at noon. Then he said Monday it was later . I said ok I smoke at 2 then no 4pm. Then he arrested me. No pot was found and in truth I took a few percocets earlier in the day so my eyes were pinned. I was only stopped because I was hit head on by a driver who also was charged with dwi and was deemed 100 percent at fault in the accident. My life is ruined I lost two professional licenses I went to college for and my livelihood in the process. I already took a plea but do I have any recourse? I am incredibly angry that the corrupt police lied to me to illict a confession. I refused urinalysis but I passed the field sobriety tests and also the ones back at the precinct. But they had me dead to rights because of my confession. Anything I can do here? Now I have a distrust of the police and anxiety problem anlong with being finanacially challenged to say the least. Is there anything I can ?
Challenging the confession was something that needed to be done at the time of the case. Withdrawing a guilty plea is...
Have there been cases recently of police corruption as far as Long Island police gauging by making arrests at end of shift?
I personally was arrested for dwi in Farmingdale in Nassau at 6 pm. They lied to me and told me I can go home if I tell them I smoked pot and drove I can go home.after about six negative responses I broke down and admitted I did. They promptly arrested me. The driver who caused the accident resulting in my arrest was already in police car under arrest for dwi. So now with both of us arrested the other cop got overtime also. I heard them discussing overtime. My eyes were foggy but I passed all of practical sobriety exams on scene and at precinct. I refused usrinalysis but took breathalyzer which read 0.0. Long Island especially Nassau police I believe are extremely corrupt and lied to me to illict a confession. I read this practice is legal in your country and it appeals me. Criminal justice system is totally broken and can't be fixed. Mass incarceration isn't disgusting. I did jail time and didn't deserve it. They need to decriminalize drugs so people like me won't have their lives ruined for putting a drug in my own body I voluntarily chose to. Total b s . I hope someone agrees with me.
It is illegal to drive a car while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or even some prescriptive medication that can...
What will happen with a revoked/suspended license from a dwi and pulled over for 509(1)
friend got pulled over w/ 509(1) and has a revoked license, from a dwi. he wasn't able to produce license and when cop ran pass port and couldn't find in system, he was giving a 509(1) ticket and has court tomorrow, what can be expected? biggest fear is getting jail time?
A ticket for 509(1) is just that, a ticket. The officer incorrectly charged him. He should have been charged with...
Would i be able to get a violation if I blew a .15.
I did all the sobriety tests and passed each one.
You need to hire an attorney right away. Depending on the county, will depend on the outcome. There are more factors...