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  • 2nd conviction won in bloody jewel stickup of Rosevi...

    Sunday Feb 7 | via Star Tribune 

    A second conviction has been won in the jewel heist of a Roseville pawnshop that left a cashier shot and bleeding. Marvin Spencer Sr., 53, of St. Paul, was found guilty by jurors last week for his role in the robbery in July 2014 of the Pawn America on July 21. 2014, in the 1700 block of N. Rice Street.


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  • Man robs bank at Cub Foods in Roseville

    Monday Jan 11 | via Roseville Review 

    A bank surveillance camera still of the suspect in the Jan. 8 robbery of the Guaranty Bank in the Cub Foods at 1201 Larpenteur Ave. in Roseville. A man robbed the Guaranty Bank at the Cub Foods on Larpenteur Avenue in Roseville the evening of Jan. 8 and police are looking to the public for help identifying him.


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  • Police Ask for Help Identifying Roseville Bank Robbe...

    Sunday Jan 10 | via KSTP 

    Authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying and locating the person who robbed a bank in Roseville. The robbery happened about 6:11 p.m. Friday at the Guaranty Bank branch inside Cub Foods at 1201 Larpenteur Ave. Roseville police say a man handed a teller a handwritten note demanding money and implying he had a gun.


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  • A Roseville year in review

    Jan 5, 2016 | via Roseville Review 

    Two former Roseville Area Schools superintendents, John Thein and the late Lloyd Nielson, who Thein called a mentor. Former Roseville Area Schools Superintendent John Thein closed out his long career in education Aug. 1. His successor, Dr. Aldo Sicoli, only the district's sixth superintendent since its formation in 1949, was hired for the job April 30. Among Thein's proudest accomplishments were adding Harambee Elementary to the district, increasing summer school options, working with the East Metro Integration District, Community Education and the district's special education program, among many others.


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Roseville Law

Do I need a lawyer for my first dwi charge?
No record prier. My dwi charge was a fourth degree. I blew a .19. I spent the night in jail. I do have to go to court. When I was in jail they posted a bail initially, but released me without because I was cooperative, had no previous record, and showed remorse. They punched my license and gave it back to me.
Yes I would recommend hiring a lawyer. You are being prosecuted for a misdemeanor crime. And you're facing a year long...
I failed to maintain monthly phone contact with the probation office
I was charged with a gross misdemeanor for DUI and damaging private property. I received two years probation but quit my call ins after 1 year because I was unemployed, had very little cash, no credit cards, and if I money I had no way to get my monthly payment to the Probation office. There now is an arrest warrant for me and I want to clear this charge. What should I do?
Hire an attorney if you can. If you cant, then you will need to turn yourself in so a public defender can be appointed...
I am on probation and failed an interlock breathtest. First probation violation. What are the consequences?
Been on probation one year, this is my first violation
A probation violation is where it is alleged by your probation officer that you failed to comply with the terms and...
Dui 12 years ago, just got one on an ATV a few months back - what happens with license?
got on dui 12 years ago in a car. got one on an ATV a few months back. license hasn't been revoked yet - pleading guilty this month to dui. when will my license get revoked and for how long?
Contact a local DUI lawyer to see exactly what consequences you face including the license suspension and to see if any...
How do i expunge a Careless driving plea agreement from a DUI on my record, if they can be expunged from 2008?
04/2008 arrested for DUI in Ramsey county (st. paul, MN). Plead down to a careless driving as my blood draw came back 0.096 as pulled over for crossing a turning-lane line in unfamiliar territory & was my first & only offense. Does the arrest still show DUI and how do i expunge these from my record, if they can be expunged?
It's really unlikely you will be able to expunge an alcohol related driving offense. regardless of the BAC. This would...
I was charged with a DUI. Will my drivers license be revoked if I was not arrested?
I am 18 and was charged with a DUI and a minor. I was not pulled over. My car died in the middle of an intersection and a cop saw and came to help. He had asked if I had anything to drink, I was honest and said yes. I agreed to take a breathalyzer and I blew a .04. On my ticket it does not say what my blood alcohol content was though. Is there a reason why it does not say what my BAC was?
With a .04 test result, chances are that you were charged with Underage Drinking and Driving, not DUI. It's a...
Will the police do anything if I call about a habitually drunk driver?
My father-in-law (who is a prick and an alcoholic) has a problem with driving drunk. He's going to kill someone one of these days. I have pulled out vodka containers 1/4 full out of his Tahoe before after he just got home from work. He has smashed his SUV into the house and damaged both. He called the police on himself one time to go to detox and registered a .34 on a breathalizer. Problem is, he continues this habit of drinking and driving. Even a liquor store employee told him once "you shouldn't be driving when you're drunk". Question is, if I notify the local police (just up the road) about this, will they keep an eye on his vehicle and pull him over for any sort of infraction just to deter the behavior? Will they even do anything?
If you call in and provide your identity and specific information about a particular incident in progress then my guess...