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Do I need a lawyer for my first dwi charge?
No record prier. My dwi charge was a fourth degree. I blew a .19. I spent the night in jail. I do have to go to court. When I was in jail they posted a bail initially, but released me without because I was cooperative, had no previous record, and showed remorse. They punched my license and gave it back to me.
Yes I would recommend hiring a lawyer. You are being prosecuted for a misdemeanor crime. And you're facing a year long...
I failed to maintain monthly phone contact with the probation office
I was charged with a gross misdemeanor for DUI and damaging private property. I received two years probation but quit my call ins after 1 year because I was unemployed, had very little cash, no credit cards, and if I money I had no way to get my monthly payment to the Probation office. There now is an arrest warrant for me and I want to clear this charge. What should I do?
Hire an attorney if you can. If you cant, then you will need to turn yourself in so a public defender can be appointed...
I am on probation and failed an interlock breathtest. First probation violation. What are the consequences?
Been on probation one year, this is my first violation
A probation violation is where it is alleged by your probation officer that you failed to comply with the terms and...
My dui citation isn't in the system? Did I actually get charged?
I recieved a citation for a dui December 3rd, 2016 (over two and a half months ago) and it is still not in the system. When I call in they say there's no record of it (so I also have no idea how much my fine is), and I have yet to receive my court date. I was with my boyfriend and he got an underage drinking ticket at the same time but that was in the system within 10 days. Is this long a normal time frame? Or did my ticket get lost or something? I would just like to know what exactly should I do in this situation, and if I'm actually going to get charged.
It's hard to say. It's possible that the prosecutor just hasn't filed the charges against you yet. Did they do a blood...
Can i purchase/posess a shotgun while on misdemeanor probation for DWI in Minnesota
Looking to buy a shotgun for hunting and trap shooting, but im probation for another 5 years. Probation agreement does not mention anything about firearms, but i cannot seem to get in touch with my P.O. to ask.
Use this as a general rule when on probation. If you are unsure about something, don't do it until you can get written...
If I have 14 grams of weed what charges am I looking at plus a grinder a jar and weed pipes
Well I was just getting off work there was a fight and then a bunch of cops so there so one cops that was sitting there that was involved with my sister and other family members then I decided to leave and I went to the gas station to go get gas and he followed me and he pulled me over for my tale light and then he 2 cops came then he gave me a breath test for drinking and I passed it he thought I was on some thing but I work two jobs only get 5 hours of sleep so he walk me back then seen grinder and took me to police station and then the same cop that pulled me over I was pulling you over for meth so I got charged with DWI even tho I was drunk just tried and possion of weed in 4th degree
Hi. I suggest to you that it's not wise for you to be posting all this detail on a public website. Potential...
How would I be able to get a Minnesota license if I am barred in Iowa
I am barred in Iowa due to having 2 suspended while driving and 1 barred. I moved to Minnesota but got my Iowa license reinstated before I moved but I am now being told I am barred and they will not unbar me tell 2019
Your question is confusing. However, generally Minnesota will not issue a license unless suspensions, revocations of...