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What are extraordinary circumstances in an agg dui/reckless homicide case? How does this allow a judge to grant probation?
How does this law work in Illinois?
That is an excellent question for the defendant to ask of his/her attorney. Hopefully this is not ano form of homework...
I am looking for legal representation for a informal hearing on a Illinois Drivers License reinstatement. What shall I expect?
Kindly advise on what to expect and is it worth going at alone.
It can be an extremely involved process depending on your specific situation. I would never advise a person unfamiliar...
I have a DUI in Illinois, all paperworks states I cannot leave the state? Can that be changed due to a job?
I have a gig in a band and we play in WI once a month. Shows are already booked and I do make money off of it. Which I desperately need now with all the fines and fees.... all paperwork states in big bold letters that I cannot leave the state... is there a way to get a waiver for this if I am not driving there?
Find a local attorney who will file a motion to modify terms of probation. You have a legitimate business purpose....
What are the repercussions of the offenses(jail/other)? Are they civil or criminal charges? Will they go on a permanent record?
Namely, an invalid license (not a graduated license, a curfew violation and so documented as an invalid license), headlights off, and expired registration, along with a marijuana possession 1.8g, drug paraphernalia charge and underage alcohol possession. Additionally, this person is a minor.
In that part of the state anything is possible. A curfew violation for a GDL holder invalidates your license. That can...
Can I have a permit to drive? I understand that it has to be an investigation
The Secretary of State found a photo of me using Two identities my Driver Licence and state ID was canceled! but I used only one identity and it's been many years of me been a very good human been I take care of my 83 year old father my 76years old mom my little autistic Daugther I really need to drive
Don't understand your question. Why was your license cancelled. Did you use a false ID? You at have to apply again for...
I am trying to get my license to drive, however there is an accident that shows from 2010, shows i owe $3400 from the crash.
I attempted to get my driving license however th secretary of state shows a crash that i was not aware of, ots possible someon gave my name, there was a judgement issued and it shows i owe the person whos car was crashed $3400. What do i have to do in a case like this? I might have let a friend borroe my car and its possible they gave my name but i just dont remember anything like this. I never recieved anything in the mail indicating i needed to be in court etc. i was completely unawre of this. I am unable to gef my license until this is taken care of.
The Sec of State cannot remove a court reported judgement from your record without a court order showing that the...
When I am given a prescription for a drug that is controlled, does it authorize me to carry ANY dosage of that drug?
I am being charged as a juvenile for felony unlawful possession of a s4 drug (xanax) I am prescribed xanax by my doctor at the dosage of 1mg, but was arrested with 2mg. Does my script ONLY authorize me to carry 1mg pills? This is my first offense, I had expected the cop to have just taken the thing away from me. But the police in this town are known for being overzealous with their drug task force. Now I am facing a felony charge for possession over one pill. Is it possible the judge may show leniency?
Whenever you go anywhere, carry to prescription bottle with you. With a valid prescription for this, I do not think you...