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Can I get out of a DUI and Transport of a loaded firearm in Illinois, or at least avoid jail time?
I am from Beloit, WI and have a Valid drivers license. I also have a concealed carry permit for WI though I know it is not valid in Illinois. I was arrested in Roscoe IL for DUI. My BAC was .285.I was also charged with transport of alcohol in vehicle and carry posses firearm in public in my vehicle. I am out on bond
Possible but the conceal, loaded and high BAC will work against you HARD Hire counsel. Lawyer up. Deal with the...
I was charged with OWI in Wisconsin last night.I moved to Wisconsin in early August.I was driving on an Illinois license.
The day after my attorney advised me to get a Wisconsin license of which I did.I need to prevent Illinois from suspending me.Will this tactic work?I have no prior convictions but two prior arrests in Illinois for DUI.I was legitimately pulled over for speeding(10 mph over).I work in Illinois and need the occupational permit to be valid in Illinois.I am doubting that this will be effective.My residency is legit.
Might work until you try to Renee WI license. Then ifcyou are convicted of il DUI that will be flagged by federal law.
I have a DUI, but my probationary period is over, however my fines are not paid....can I serve time?
I was charged with a DUI in 2015... and I completed all of the other requirements and classes, but I have not paid my fine off. My Probation is over... and I do not have to appear in court anymore.. but can I be issued a warrant? I do not make much and can barely pay anything on it.. I just do not want the situation to get any worse! Any advice appreciated! Thank you.
If your period of supervision or probation is over, then the state can either file a rule to show cause (contempt...
Will they remand me at my next court date if I show positive for drug and alcohol test?
I live in basement and the people I live with smoke a lot of weed and I have no choice but to breath it in. Then I've been taking nyquill and Robitussin for a bad case of the flu. Im on pretrial services but am scared that I may have failed my random drug test. Will they put me in jail?
If you stick with that explanation, yeah, probably.
Can I become a collections agent in IL with a felony DUI conviction in background
was convicted and sentenced Class # 2 DUInfelony conviction in 2014
Call the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
Can a lawyer actually help me get my license back sooner?
I'm an IL resident who got a dui in WI. I got a letter from IL telling my license will be revoked In IL in 5 days for a year. I've been told that I can't apply for a hardship license for months and a lawyer can't really do anything to get me one faster. WI revoked my license for 7 months and I paid my fines. My classes/group are half done.
The information you received is incorrect. You are eligible for an administrative hearing with the Sec of State's...
I am on 2 years probation in illinois for a misdemeanor dui and failed to appear for probation violation court
I violated my misdemeanor probation for a dui nov. 2015 and have been going to court and posted bond of $550 for the probation violation. I missed court last month because I feared jail because I had a couple dirty urine screens. And now I have a warrant out and I live in wisconsin right over the state line from the county in illinois where I got into trouble and the warrant says extradition limited.. will they extradite me from wi?? And how can I find out how limited the extradition is exactly? And I also have a bond forfeiture hearing scheduled this month. Idk what to do. My public defender is out of office until January 3rd. I am scared of jail bc I am on methadone maintenance and have an almost 5 month old baby and didn't want to miss her first Christmas and thanksgiving.
You generally won't be extradited from Wisconsin due to a misdemeanor bench warrant, meaning it's unlikely that the...