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Will i have to do jail time i was caught driving on a suspended from two prior dwi out of nj i got caught driving in il i was
i was also ticketed with a small anout of cannibus but if i pay 300 bucks in two weeks that will be dropped
It depends if IL requires jail on a suspended license ticket. Even still, sometimes an attorney can fight your case or...
Can I get out of a DUI and Transport of a loaded firearm in Illinois, or at least avoid jail time?
I am from Beloit, WI and have a Valid drivers license. I also have a concealed carry permit for WI though I know it is not valid in Illinois. I was arrested in Roscoe IL for DUI. My BAC was .285.I was also charged with transport of alcohol in vehicle and carry posses firearm in public in my vehicle. I am out on bond
Possible but the conceal, loaded and high BAC will work against you HARD Hire counsel. Lawyer up. Deal with the...
I was charged with OWI in Wisconsin last night.I moved to Wisconsin in early August.I was driving on an Illinois license.
The day after my attorney advised me to get a Wisconsin license of which I did.I need to prevent Illinois from suspending me.Will this tactic work?I have no prior convictions but two prior arrests in Illinois for DUI.I was legitimately pulled over for speeding(10 mph over).I work in Illinois and need the occupational permit to be valid in Illinois.I am doubting that this will be effective.My residency is legit.
Might work until you try to Renee WI license. Then ifcyou are convicted of il DUI that will be flagged by federal law.
I missed my DUI intake appointment. Will I get a warrant?
I had a DUI intake appointment yesterday morning but I was arrested at around 3am and my vehicle was impounded for 12 hours. I called and left a voicemail and explained what happened. My paper says failure to show is a direct violation of my court order (I'm on court supervision). I have another appointment at 1pm tomorrow and I'm so scared of showing up and there's a warrant out for me. I've all the proof my car was held for 12 hours..... Literally could not find a drive to Rockford seeing as I live 40 minutes away .... And I DID leave a voicemail. I didn't leave jail till 6am my apt was at 10am
Bring your proof of jailing and release to your appointment. Since you were arrested again. you need a lawyer, not an...
What are my chances of just getting court supervision on a suspended license case?
Here is the story. In 2012 I was court ordered to apply for SR-22 insurance which I did. In Illinois I am supposed to have it for 36 months. Well, this June I got a new car and in the process of changing insurance I was accidentally dropped from the SR-22 after 35 months(so close) I didn't realize this until I was arrested for driving on a suspended. I immediately re-gained the SR-22 which reinstated my driving privelages and am currently valid. In fact, I got a letter stating that I have fulfilled the SR-22 requirement this month. I have proof that I had it for 35 months and regained it the last month. They say jail time or suspension is possible. My lawyer says we can get it off my record. What do you think?
You have a lawyer and should not be asking attorneys in this forum to second-guess the lawyer who knows your case and...
I am on probation but have no restrictions on leaving the state. Do I still need to inform my probation officer?
I am on probation for a DUI, but have no restrictions on leaving the state. Do I still need to inform my probation officer? I have left two voicemails, for him to call me, and never received a responce. My job requires me to leave in a few weeks, and be gone for a few weeks.
REPEAT I still believe you should notify the PO before you leave
How much time I'm I facing for driving under suspension twice?
No insurance flat suspension twice??
The max is up to one year in jail. Much depends on why you are suspended and can you repair the problem before you...