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I was convicted of DWI in NC, but I live here in WV. Can I get a WV lawyer to try and get a work permit to help get back & forth
1st offence, turning 25, never been in trouble, no reason for the pull over, Blew less than 0.13, travels for work
West Virginia does not aff
Can someone who is under 21 and arrested for 1st offense DUI participate in the Defferal Program?
A young man was arrested for DUI 1st offense. He is under 21 and having this on his record could jeopardize his career. He has been going to school for a few years and this could prevent him from being able to use his training.
Yes, the young man can request entry into the 17C-5-2b deferral program if his alleged BAC is between .08 and .149,...
Cops pulled me and confiscated my meds in the prescription bottle can i get them back?i thought if its your prescription its leg
i was pulled and charged with dui they confinscated my meds in the bottles they were supposed to be in i thought if you were prescribed something that made it legal to carry as long as its in the bottle its supposed to be in.if im wrong please tell me if not how do i get them to give my meds back this just seems highly unamerican i mean a doctor says here you go your legal and the cops say somethin different i mean if the cops right what good is a prescription?
Dear Sir/Madam: Having been charged with DUI Drugs, the officer is allowed to confiscate the prescription bottle as...
Is it legal for me to carry my prescription medications if they are my presciption
im being charged with dui for medications i am prescribed is that legal they said i cant carry them on me and confiscated them
I would suggest that issue is the operation of the motor vehicle and not whether you can carry them. If you have a...
Is there a limit on how long you can be charged with a dui and the time to have a jury trail.
got pulled over on rt9 and was charged dui (drugs). Had prelim hearing and no evidence was entered by prosecutor! I mean nothing, no eyewitness no dash camera no body camera and there were 4! different police depts. at the scene. it's been over a year on and off jury trail docket. what is going on!!??? Is there a limit to how long this can go on.
If it is a misdemeanor level dui charge, the state has one year from the offense date to charge and one year from...
Can they terminate my parental rights if i don't do whats recommended by the court to go to inpatient rehab but remain drug free
The state of wv is trying to terminate my rights because I failed a drug test when I had my daughter there recommendations are 6 mnts of rehab and I said no I can seek out patient I am not using and willing to take drug screens but they don't care how many drug test I pass there saying rehab or I loose my kids please help me
Yes, they have the ability to take away your children if you fail to follow the court ordered treatment plan. You need...
How long can they keep my boyfriend over driving on suspended?
When he was 18 he received a felony charge for fleeing from an officer and some other things. I think he's been caught driving on suspended once since then. He's now 28. He got stopped tonight and found out his license were suspended.. How long are they likely to give him? Is it likely that they'll let him out with bail? I've never been in this situation.. I have no idea what to do. Please help
He is absolutely entitled to bond and it should be a very reasonable amount with him out today. As to the charge, it...