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DUI Bill 186- Charged with misdemeanor DUI in the state of Wv, can I get it Expunged?Also charged with Obstruction of Justice
I was pulled over at 8:20 am. On my way home, that morning! My BAC was .010 at the scene, I was then taken to the local station where I blew .009. What are the rules for me to get this expunged? I was pulled over in the state of Wv, however I live in VA. This is my first time, and LAST TIME! I haven't plead. What should can I do? Did i mention it was on my 21st birthday, 11/14/10. I was also charged with Obstruction of Justice Things I expect to happen- 1) License suspended in the state of wv, until I complete a class. 2) Interlock Program (however I don't have a car registered in my name) 3) fine $500+ Things I'm not sure about- 1) Will I lose my license in the state of VA, 2) jail time? 3) am I eligible for the Senate Bill 186? Thanks again, any help is GREATLY appreciated
West Virginia will be seeking to take your privilege to drive within the borders of WV for 90 days at a related, yet...
Can I be charged with DUI
On Thursday night I was in a one car accident I hit a embankment. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and blood was drawn. The police did not come to the hospital and I was released to my wife.I had been drinking can I still be charged .
You can still be charged so you should refrain from posting anything about the night in question or discussing same...
How can I be charged with a 3rd offense driving on suspended when I haven't been charged with a second offense.
I was arrested on 3/6/2017 for driving on suspended while revoked for DUI and I was charged with a 3rd offense felony driving on suspended. In February of 2017 I pled guilty to srl miscellaneous and I have one more prior SRl miscellaneous plea and one first offense driving on suspended. I am confused as to why they're charging me with a 3rd offense. And the officer no probable cause to pull me over in the first place.
Not enough information here to provide a clear response. A DUI Revoked 1st and another DUI Revoked 1st followed by a...
I can't afford my DUI classes it's 440.00 money order for 6 weeks dui classes can the state help me play that?
I have a job I make 300 every 2 weeks and also receive ssi and that is 500 do I make more than I should or will they help me also rent is 500 and food and every other bill I have coming out a month so I only have maybe 50 bucks at end of month because I pay rent bills etc
The specific answer always comes from the probation officer who carries out your Judge's orders not a bunch of strange...
Can i get a license suspension for dui removed from my record since i was not convicted of dui?
I got a dui in june 2015. All charges were dropped last year( i l live in wv) . I completed the wv dmv interlock program, and never lost my privilege to drive, just had a restricted license for the req time period. No conviction is on my driving record, but it does state suspended license due to dui , even though no conviction. Is there a way to have this removed? I am trying to go back to school for my cdl
Unfortunately not. A general copy of a driving record one gets at a local DMV goes back five years.
Why will I lose my license for having ativan in my system bc I am prescribed it. Will I have to go off my ativan for tjr ard pro
I was in an accident they took my for a blood test which lorazepam showed up. I have a prescription for it.
There is not enough information here. You need to contact a local attorney quickly to try and keep that suspension...
Is taking a bite of a "pot brownie" then spitting it out considered possession?
My 15 year old grand-daughter is facing an expulsion hearing tomorrow for admitting to taking a bite of a "pot brownie" (the drug test was inconclusive) then spitting it out. Is this considered possession?
Did she know the brownie had pot in it? If so then yes she possessed it.