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I have a DUI refusal will I have to attend the Masep class
This is my first will my license be suspended
Have you been convicted of anything? If you refused, it is likely you were charged with DUI and refusal. You need an...
Can someone be fired from a package store after receiving a DUI?
Received DUI first offense 2 weeks ago, then went to work and was told I couldn't work there any longer for getting a DUI
Mississippi is a right to work work state. You may be fired for any reason OTHER than being in a federally protected...
Can I be fired for a DUI when not working. However, I work at a liquor store.
Received a DUI. Worked for a week then was told I can't work there any longer because it's against the law.
Yes. As an at-will employee you can be fired for anyone reason except those prohibited by law.
If I refused the breathalyzer can i win my DUI case
I have a 2nd DUI traffic ticket and a no driver license traffic ticket
In most states, the fact that you refused the test can be shared with the jury at trial, making it look like you must...
Would I still be able to have my open container ticket expunged? What about my DUI in KY?
I got an open container ticket this past weekend in oxford, MS. I am from Kentucky and have a DUI in the state. Could I still have my DUI expunged if my open container ticket can be expunged?
It depends on the state. Not every state 'expunges'. In NY, for example, there is no remedy of expungement. The best...
If you miss court can a judge make a guilty plea for you and can you appeal it...?
my husband got his second dui he was bonded out and given a court date he went to that court date and pled not guilty he was then given a trial court date which he missed he called down o the court house and they told him to just come in and see the judge so he did that and when he got in front of the judge the judge informed him that they already found him guilty of the 2nd dui and he is now ordered to do 5 days
Missing court is probably as bad as whatever crime you are accused of committing if not more. It is unlikely that...
Taken to station because police wanted to give me a DUI. Blew 000 and charged with careless driving. Was I technically arrested?
The other night, I was pulled over driving some friends home from a party. The cop said he smelled alcohol from the car, and I explained it was probably coming from my friends being that they were at a college party. He asked me to blow a field breathalyzer, which I refused. I took the field sobriety test and was told I failed. They put me in handcuffs and took me to the station. After blowing a 0.00, they put me in a jail cell, took my fingerprints, a mugshot, and gave me a careless driving ticket. I have a few questions. 1, was I arrested? They took me to the station believing I was going to get a DUI but since I was sober was I arrested for careless driving or not arrested at all? 2. I took an online driving course and got the ticket expunged, will my arrest record still be on file for federal agencies? Thank you
Yes, you were arrested. As to whether your arrest record will be visible by federal agencies, the answer depends upon...