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  • Police beat

    Sunday Nov 27 | via NWAonline 

    A homeless man is accused of breaking into a downtown Little Rock bank that had closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, Little Rock police said. Officers were called to a burglary around 2:20 p.m. Thursday at OneBanc at 300 W. Capitol Ave. At the bank, police found 26-year-old Alan Whittaker, who told a responding officer that he was in need of money, according to a police report.


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Is a dui a felony or criminal charge?
While at work I get a call from my husband stating he is sitting in the back of the cop car for apparently drinking and driving while driving into a ditch. He just went to court and received a 6 month pass... how will this affect that? What can he be facing?
A first, second, or third DWI in Arkansas is punishable by fine and up to 1 year in jail (even on a first offense). On...
Resident of Tennessee, DWI in Arkansas. First DWI
I am a resident of Tennessee. I was pulled over and issued a DWI in Arkansas, first DWI. They took my license and issued me a temporary one ( a piece of paper good for 30 days). My questions are: - Will TN be notified of the DWI? - How do I get my license back and is it also suspended in TN? - I am on probation in TN, I have 45 days left. Probation ends before first Arkansas court date. What can I expect? Violation of probation? Should I inform them since it was in another state or wait it? Also, I have 7 days to request an administrative hearing for license suspension. Not sure whether to mark the box to fully contest it or mark the one for restricted. Again, confused. I'm licensed in TN and this was in Arkansas. I have reached out to a few AR attorneys but have not heard back. Thanks for looking.
1. TN will most likely be notified of the DWI, because interstate compacts mandate notification so that your home state...
Could a DUI be filed if I simply ask a question about hit and run?
A few nights ago I for some dumb reason decided to drink and drive. Don't really remember the drive home except for a small tid bit. My truck has no damage at all, but my anxiety & driving drunk guilt has made me think about hit and runs. If I call and ask the police department and they say there was no accidents reported, could I still get in trouble if they knew the back story?
Not really. The police have to have more evidence than just a confession. At this late date they can't get blood or...
I was pregnant and hit by a drunk driver. No police report . Medical treatment three weeks after. Self Employed.
Take my case I just want to recover $2500 for my loss wages. Attorney can have the rest! Demand $6000 and give me $2500 they are screwing me because I was late getting treatment. How can I get them to pay for me a therapist for driving anxiety?
You need to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. Lawyers on this forum are not allowed to...
DHS trying to put my name on Child Maltreatment Registy after DWI over a year ago. I'm a physician, what should I do?
Made a horrible decesion 15 months ago and took my son to get somethings to eat after drinking beer all day. We were rear ended by a guy who ran a red light. No one was injured. Witnesses testified to the other guy running the light. I blew 0.15 and went to jail for a DWI and Endangment of a Minor. The last charge was dropped. I went to treatment for 3 months and lived in a sober men's living facility for 6 months. I am monitored by the state's Physician Health Program and meet with the State Medical Board every 6 months. Life is great. I'm sober, have a great job, enjoying my family and recovery, and I'm just now getting back on my feet financialy. One thing still is unsettled. After the DWI, DHS sent me a letter informing I would be put on the Child Maltreatment Registry because of the DWI and my son was traveling with me. My lawyer appealed this based on time since the accident, the circumstances surrounding the accident (DWI wasn't b/c of my driving / control of vehicle, etc.) and because of my substantial rehabilitation. The appeal failed. So, the case has gone to circuit court. We are just waiting for the judge to give us a call. What else can I do?
It appears that you have done everything that you can do. You have a lawyer and you should trust that lawyer to pursue...
If I have a Dwi and then get a dui will they count the same.
Will that count the same as Dwi 2 or just dui 1
A second dui will usually have more punishment.
I left the United States. I had a court date for driving without an interlock device, because of a DUI. Can I come back?
student visa. record: A misdemeanor theft, finished probation. I was cleared. DUI, paid fees. had to drive with an interlock device.
I believe you need to provide more information to get a full answer. If you are a US citizen who left and missed a...