Rohnert Park Crime

Rohnert Park Crime

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  • Petaluma Man Nabbed For Alleged Vehicle Theft After ...

    Monday | via 

    Sonoma County sheriff's deputies arrested a Petaluma man on suspicion of vehicle theft and multiple other offenses Friday after a pursuit and search with a police dog, a sheriff's sergeant said. The black Chevrolet truck with out of state plates was stolen Friday in Rohnert Park and was being tracked by the OnStar tracking system in the Sonoma Valley area, Sgt.


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  • Police Arrest Man In Beating Assault In Rohnert Park

    Thursday Jun 25 | via 

    A Santa Rosa man was arrested Tuesday for an alleged attempted murder at a Rohnert Park residence earlier this month, the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety said. Joseph Tewolde, 25, is suspected of beating a 27-year-old man from out-of-state at a residence on Racquet Club Circle on June 13, Sgt.


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  • Rohnert Park man pleads guilty to armed robbery charges

    Saturday Jun 20 | via KRON 4 

    A 20-year-old gang member pleaded guilty to two separate counts of robbery and will serve up to 18 years in prison. Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch announced Friday that Christian Sanchez-Caballero, of Rohnert Park, entered guilty pleas on two counts of first degree robbery with enhancements for using a firearm and acting with a second gunman during the crimes.


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  • Family and friends gather at open-casket vigil for f...

    Friday Jun 19 | via Daily Mail 

    EXCLUSIVE: Charleston 'killer' Dylann Roof grew up in a fractured home where 'violent' father beat his stepmother and hired private detective to follow her when they split, she claims in court papers Ex-marine is found GUILTY of killing and dismembering stripper, 22, he invited to a 'private party' at apartment he shared with his girlfriend... as she now faces trial Corrections officer from 'Shawshank' escape jail is placed on administrative leave as search for the two inmates enters THIRD week Mormon church to digitally index handwritten records about millions of freed slaves to help African Americans reconnect with Civil WarA -era ancestors Outrage after Charleston judge tells relatives of murdered churchgoers that the killer's family are VICTIMS... as it is revealed he was once reprimanded for using the n-word in court EXCLUSIVE: How the wife of Reverend Pinckney hid under the desk in ... (more)


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  • Sonoma Co. Jury Split Between Murder, Acquittal, Vol...

    Thursday Jun 18 | via 

    A mistrial was declared Wednesday afternoon in Sonoma County when a jury could not reach a verdict in an allegedly gang-related murder trial. Joseph Mario Varela, 17, of Santa Rosa, who was tried as an adult, and Manuel Khiobouakham, 19, of Rohnert Park, were charged with the shooting murder of Damien Wadell Toney Jr., 20, of Santa Rosa, outside a party at the Redwood Apartments at 2001 Piner Road in Santa Rosa on Dec. 31, 2013.


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  • Rohnert Park gang member sentenced to state prison

    Thursday Jun 18 | via The Community Voice 

    Last Thursday, District Attorney Jill Ravitch announced that 20-year-old, Rohnert Park resident Christian Orlando Heredia was sentenced to four years in state prison after being convicted of robbery and threatening the life of a witness. Back in February, Heredia robbed a jewelry store in the Roseland area of Santa Rosa by flashing a fake handgun to the storeowner and telling him, "I know you have kids.


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  • Sonoma Co. Man Gets Four Years In Jewelry Store Robbery

    Saturday Jun 13 | via 

    A Rohnert Park man was sentenced to four years in prison Thursday for robbing a jewelry store and threatening a witness, the Sonoma County District Attorney's Office said today. Christian Orlando Heredia, 20, of Rohnert Park showed a replica handgun in his waistband when he robbed the Joyeria Torres jewelry store at 77 Sebastopol Road in the Roseland area of Santa Rosa on Feb. 23, Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch said.


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  • Operator of nude-photo exploitation site sentenced

    Monday Jun 8 | via SFGate 

    The operator of a national cyberexploitation website was sentenced Monday to three years in jail for posting naked photos of individuals without their consent in a case that began in the North Bay. Casey Meyering , 28, of Tulsa, Okla., the operator of, pleaded no contest in May in Napa County Superior Court to one count of extortion, three counts of attempted extortion and one count of conspiracy.


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Rohnert Park Law

Emergency rooms dealing with accident victims do not need warrant to take blood. Get an attorney to review your matter.
I didn't do my community hours after judge. Modified my probation. What is most likely to happen, will I have to do jail time?
Dui offense in 06 have 3 year probation got 2 extentions 1 year modification from judge haven't done my community hours 240 hrs. Done none. Due dec. 1 2011 can I just pay money payments or do I have to go to jail?
You can expect the prosecution to seek proceed on the violation of probation that they likely have already filed...
I had a wet reckless charge back in Dec. 1998. I was given 3 years probation which i was off for since March of this year.
I recently got a drunk in public on Wednesday August 17th. Since the DUI was a wet reckless charge and not a DUI charge my question is Do i have to do any jail time for this drunk in Public since i was off of probation previously.
A wet reckless is usually punishable only by fines and some kind of short alcohol awareness class. It is possible,...
Arrest Charges Vs Court Charges and Live Scan
If a Police report shows an arrest as being for a Felony DUI (vc 23153), but the charges were filed in Court as a Misdeameanor DUI (vc 23152) first offense, what information would actually show on a Live Scan report? Would the Felony part still be listed,even though it wasn't filed that way?
Thank you for your question. A live scan report would show arrest for a felony, but conviction (assuming that...
Will wet reckless be offered as officer said? He convinced me not to be arrested, get blood test, was that appropriate?
2am pulled over for not using turn signal at stop sign in residential area, no other cars around except cop car behind me. I blew .08 bac. Officer said I could be arrested & spend hours at lockup being booked, posting bail, doing blood test, or I could be released now to parents custody. My brother who had a few drinks was in the passenger seat & yelled out the window for me to request a blood or urine test. He said they don't want to process all the paperwork. Officer told him urine test is no longer offered, call parents & be quiet. They arrested him for public intoxiation because he was "interferring" with their work. Officer told me I'm very cooperative, passed all field tests & will probably get charged with a wet reckless. He let me go home w/parents. I'm 27. No prior offense
You cannot be charged with "wet reckless." That is a charge the prosecution can reduce a DUI to in plea negotiations,...
I am wondering what the seriousness level of my dui is in sebastopol, California. I have a criminal record in washington.
I have four felonies, all in washington and all done and dealt with in every manner and have been off probation for over a year now. I have no prior dui's at all, this is my first one. I was involved in an accident, but no one was hurt other than myself, and i was hurt very badly. Spinal surgery was needed, i was cited for a VC 23152(f), after the cop questioned me in the hospital. The officer claims i said i was messed up on weed and alcohol, although i do not even remember ever talking to the police officer, due to medication, shock, and having a broken back. I dont remember anything after losing control of the car. I am wondering if im going to jail for this and if so are there jail alternatives for a first time dui? I am just very thankful no one else was hurt. I confused about my case
Confused? I don't think you're confused at all, it sounds more like denial to me. Were any of your felonies in WA...
My dad was involved in a motorcycle accident and was not at fault but had alcohol in his system. Will he be charged a dui?
My dad had gotten a dui back in 2005 also. Will He have to go to jail?
Was he arrested or cited for anything? Did they obtain a blood or breath sample??