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How do you go about getting a restricted license to drive to work
I got a dui ten years ago but don't have the money to get license back but i gotta work
Go to your local bar association and they will direct you to some lawyers that will handle your case on a pro bona basis.
What would be a lesser charge for child endangerment in TN
There was lab work done, the DUI that goes with this will probably hold. There was no accident of any injury to anyone. The child was very young.
At the present time, there is no such charge as child endangerment. Under the present law, if a person is convicted...
What am I looking at going to court over driving on suspended and driving on revoked license. Can I get jail time?
I got in may driving on suspended. Then in November got driving on revoked. They took me to jail but I was bonded out. I go to court in one more day. Am I looking at jail time?
Depends. If you are convicted of driving on a suspended/revoked license and the underlying revocation is for a DUI...
Do premature drug exsposed babys get SSI or SSDI
we took custody of our first grand baby and just learned she was born with drugs in her system. She is 6 months old now and no delay was noted at her discharge, other then at risk for SPD ( Sensory processing disability) we was told that just have been born drug exposed automatically gave her a check till she is 3 years old. Is there any truth to this?
Probably not the right web site to consult try WEB MD or a medical website.
I was sentenced to jail for 32 days for 1st offense DUI with child enchantment. can I go to rehab instead of jail?
I have 2 kids. Can I check myself onto rehab and not get in trouble for not showing up for jail if they know I went to rehab? 33yrs old, only 2nd time being in trouble. I made a mistake and I can not do jail.
You can't just check yourself into rehab to avoid your jail sentence. If you don't show up at jail when ordered, a...
DUI arrest with multiple traffic violations
One of my friend arrested for DUI with several other charges. He is undocumented immigrant so I do not know if some one will help him or not. some one has already pay bond amount 10% for him. but he was put under 'immigrant hold". not sure, he has to face criminal changes or he has to face a deportation charges or both. As a friend , i am LPR so i am afraid that if i go to jail to meet him or if I help him in hiring attorney. will this has any impact on my LPR status and getting my citizenship. Also would like to know that if he does not hire attorney and pled guilty then he got convicted for all the seven charges. and how he requested public defense attorney for his criminal case. He is alerady under the medication of acute psoriasis so i am not sure that he is able to get the treatment for the same in jail.
Your friend has to face both Immigration and the state court system. They are two separate issues that are connected...
Legal fee for top DUI attorney????
This is my second DUI charge. I was convicted of the first DUI charge. I know I will pay more for a top DUI attorney. Would someone please give me a ball park figure for the attorney fee regarding this second DUI defense. There were no injuries to any third party. My offense occurred out of my home county if that makes any difference. I live in Knoxville TN and the offence was in Jefferson City TN. Thank you.
I Estimate 1000-2000 dollars if you want effective rep. This is for lower court only.