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My husband has a misdemeanor DUI that is 10 years old in PA. He is waiting in MN to be extradited. How long could travel take?
We have a lawyer in MN and a lawyer in PA, I am due to deliver our baby in 2 weeks and have sent medical documents proving my high risk pregnancy with the hope to speed the process up.
Since your husband has an attorney in both jurisdictions you should direct your question to them. However, if the...
If you get an underage drinking citation, but you weren't driving does your license get revoked?
I was walking in a random gravel road and I cop stopped by and asked me what I was doing then asked to breathalyze me. I got a citation and I know the consequences, but I am just wondering if my license will get suspended?
Here's a few general principles as to certain potential MN DMV issues and possible repercussions: 1.) A DWI offense...
DUI case going to trial
Need a lawyer to represent in 3mths in court for 2nd deg misdemeanor refusal gross 1 prior 3rd deg driving under the influence Is there room still for negotiation at this point plea bargain What's the best plea bargain they can budge to
At this point you are in a reactive position. Have you already received a trial date? If you have this puts any...
I got pulled over and went to jail 3 days for a dwi its been 17 months
Im the state of Minnesota can you still be charge for a dwi 17 months after and never got a ticket for it
Yes, the statute of limitations to be charged with a DWI is 3 years.
I need to evict a son who lives in my home, doesn't pay rent and is drunk and obnoxious most of the time.
Police said that I need to evict him as he lives at my address. please help, I don't have a printer on my computer.
Yes, you have to go through the court system to remove him as long as he has established residency there. It may...
Is my underage drinking and driving charge now erased?
I pleaded guilty to a case of underage drinking and driving back in 2012 when I was 20. I blew a .03. It's been 3 years now, and I completed everything pertaining to my sentence. Will this still be on my record? I'm going to see me USAF recruiter on Monday and he needs to know so he can decide whether or not I can be an applicant. I can't find records for it anywhere online.
All depends on what type of deal you got when you resolved the case in court. Call one of us to look up the case online....
What are the possible penalties for blowing a .0127 underage?
I'm moving states in less that 2 weeks
What state did this happen in? In most states, any BAC above 0.01% is considered underage DUI and subjects you to...