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My husband has a misdemeanor DUI that is 10 years old in PA. He is waiting in MN to be extradited. How long could travel take?
We have a lawyer in MN and a lawyer in PA, I am due to deliver our baby in 2 weeks and have sent medical documents proving my high risk pregnancy with the hope to speed the process up.
Since your husband has an attorney in both jurisdictions you should direct your question to them. However, if the...
Does the judge has a power to expunge a DWI in Minnesota ?
Is it possible to expunge a Misdemeanor DWI in Minnesota, which occurred 5 years ago and you plead guilty to it. It is the first and the only offense !
The decision whether or not to expunge a criminal conviction is up to the judge. Recent amendments to the law with...
Can you reduce a conviction DWI in Minnesota ?
My friend pleaded guilty to a Misdemeanor DWI five years ago in Minnesota and she is wondering if she can reduce the conviction to reckless driving by persuade the judge ? this was her only and first offense
No but she might try retaining a lawyer to have it expunged altogether
Am I supposed to get whiskey plates on it since it is registered in my name/my business? what happens if I don't ?
I got a dui. haven't drove since. I have my own business which I use my truck. No cdl is needed to operate it, but im told technically it is a commercial truck because of the size, its the biggest you can drive without a cdl. I don't think it looks very professional to drive up to the job with a big truck and whiskey plates, but that's just me. also I am not usually the driver of this truck, I have my partner drive to the jobs.
If it's registered in your name, then it probably is subject to the plate impoundment order. That said, the lawyer that...
Completed ignition interlock in another state, getting new license in new state
I was charged with a DUI in Minnesota over a year ago and have been on the ignition interlock program for a year in order to gain my full license back. A few months ago, I moved to North Carolina for my husband's job. I have been getting my car calibrated here and received a letter from the State of Minnesota today stating I completed the interlock program and can now apply for my regular license without the ignition interlock restriction listed on it. However, since I now reside in North Carolina, I plan on getting a North Carolina license instead. My question is, will I be able to get a full license here considering that on the Minnesota license I have in my purse, it states the ignition interlock restriction, even though I am actually eligible in Minnesota now for my full license?? I won't be able to make it to Minnesota to go to a DMV office there, as I now reside here in NC. I do have the letter I received from Minnesota in hand stating I am now eligible for my regular license without any restrictions.....
Call a Department of Public Safety office in Minnesota. Explain to them that you are out-of-state and needing to move...
Will he get in trouble if i get pulled over driving without a work permit or will i be the only penalized?
i got a 4th degree dwi last weekend i blew a .13 im 20 years old i am going to get a work permit but i have been using my dads car its in his name same with the insurance
You will likely be the only person penalized.
Is there any lawyers that can help with a warrant recall and take payments?
I missed court 2 1/2 years ago for a DUI. I moved from the place I was living when initially arrested and hadn't gotten a court date. To be honest I had so much going on in life that I forgot about it. (I was addicted to a pill and it altered my mindset)... Fast forward to now, I have my life back on track, single mom, working 50-60 hours a week and enrolled in school. I want to get my warrant recalled. I don't want to get arrested on this warrant and go to jail, I have no one to assist with my child if that were to happen. I have money for an attorney if it were to be in payments but right now I wouldn't have anything to put down because I won't be paid for two weeks. I'd like to do it sooner or later because my roommate is under investigation for his account being garnished and he sent in an exemption. He asked me to email it. I did because it was no big deal. Now a Minneapolis investigator came to the house, they were looking through the mailbox and peering through windows and its just got me scared. I'm trying to do the right things in life for my daughter and be the best mom I can be. Plz help!
I would get in touch with an attorney soon. A lawyer would likely be able to write a letter to the city attorney and...